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An American cockroach in a basement.

Are The Roaches In Orlando Hard To Get Rid Of?

December 13, 2021

If there is one pest in Orlando, Florida that you definitely want to avoid, it’s the cockroach. These home invaders are known for being extremely invasive and difficult to remove, and they are also potentially very dangerous.  ... Read More

a cloth moth on wool

How to Prevent Clothes Moths From Invading Your Home This Winter

November 30, 2021

Have you ever found a random moth flying around inside your home? These pests will come indoors from time to time and are usually let in by people coming in and out. The question is, is that moth inside your home a clothes moth? If it is, your fabrics could be at risk.... Read More

a roof rat sitting on a pallet of wood

Roof Rats In Orlando, FL: Identification and Prevention Tips

November 19, 2021

What is worse than having rats around a home? ~Having rats on top of a home. Roof rats are a common problem for homeowners here in Orlando. These agile rodents use their climbing ability to climb trees, scale homes, and get into areas that many other rodents cannot. If you would rather not find these pests on or inside your Orlando home, we are here today to help.... Read More