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Have you ever had a mouse or a rat inside of your business? If so, you know how big of a problem they can be. Whether you’ve dealt with rodents around your company before, the truth is that all businesses in Orlando can suffer from a rodent infestation. These pests are extremely common, and they are able to survive in many different buildings and kinds of businesses. This is bad news as rodents are both dangerous and destructive.

Mice and rats are prevalent in Orlando, especially in the foodservice industry, and they are able to adapt to many different environments. In fact, both of these species have become dependent on humans for their own survival. They use our buildings as shelter and for easy access to food and water. Along with mice and rats, squirrels can also occasionally cause problems in area properties.

Mice and rats have similar appearances, but there are some key differences. Mice have pointier muzzles and longer tails, while rats have a blunt face shape and shorter, scaly-looking tails. Squirrels are a bit more distinguishable and are known for their bushy tails. 

House mouse infestation in building

Why Are Rodents So Difficult To Keep Out Of Business?

Because of the dependent relationship that many rodent species have with humans, they are a more difficult pest to deter in general. Unlike some species that mostly prefer to live outside, mice and rats are often determined to find a way indoors to thrive and reproduce.

Along with this, mice and rats can also easily find ways inside as they can fit through tiny holes. Mice can squeeze through cracks as small as a dime, while it is the size of a quarter for rats. They also have the ability to chew through many materials such as drywall, electrical wires, plumbing, and even wood with their strong teeth. They can therefore force their way inside by creating their own holes or expanding tiny imperfections.

Rodents getting inside is no small matter either. They can damage belongings and structural elements of your business, but, even worse, they are also dangerous. They can spread many illnesses, including rat-bite fever and salmonella, and they can also cause respiratory problems. 

Why Are Rodents So Difficult To Remove?

Trying to deter rodents is a challenge, but removing them once they invade is even more challenging. Mice and rats reproduce quickly. While mice reproduce slightly more rapidly, rats are bigger and can do a bit more damage given their size. So, the amount of damage they can do and the risks they pose are similar regardless of the species. 

Once inside, rodents will spread quickly through the business, and most DIY rodent control methods will only remove some of them. The only truly effective way to eradicate rodents from your company is with professional pest help from Green Flag Services.

Our technicians have the experience and tools needed to handle any rodent problem and keep your business safe and rodent-free. Find out more by giving us a call today. 

What Are Effective Rodent Prevention Measures?

Because rodents are so risky to have around your business, taking steps to prevent them is key. The overall best way to deter rodents is with professional assistance from Green Flag Services, but there are a few protective measures you can take on your own, too.

Here is where to start:

  • Cover vent and chimney openings with wire mesh products.
  • Keep your kitchen cleaned often and wipe up food and drink spills as soon as they happen.
  • Get lids for all garbage cans and clean up debris from around the yard.
  • Reduce humidity by using dehumidifiers.

Find out more about the best rodent prevention plans in Orlando by giving us a call.

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