Six Handy Pest-Prevention Tips For Orlando Property Owners


Since Orlando’s climate is warm all-year-round, you’ll always be dealing with pest and rodent issues. The wide variety of pests that will invade Orlando homes will bring a wide variety of risks with them. From roaches and rodents that carry in dangerous bacteria to termites and carpenter ants that can destroy wooden structures, these home-invaders can cost you in more ways than one. With all of these health hazards and home damage at stake, prevention is an absolute must. While you’re navigating the waters of pest control on your Orlando property, keep in mind these six handy tips to guide you to your ideal destination.

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1. Start With A Deep Clean

Many pests thrive off of just a few crumbs, so controlling the number of loose crumbs in your home can reduce their attraction to your home. Cleaning needs to be regular and thorough, and you don’t want to forget the low-traffic areas like behind kitchen appliances. Make sure to wipe down tables and counters after meals while also being sure to vacuum and mop the floors often.

2. Store Food And Trash Properly

Along with cleaning thoroughly after meals, you’ll also want to store food properly and promptly. If food is stored in containers that don’t close properly or containers that pests can squeeze into or chew through, they’ll find them quickly. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight will also attract pests. All trash, both inside and outside the house, needs to be stored in tightly-secured containers with heavy lids.

3. Addressing Moisture Issues

Many pests (like roaches, ants, and termites) are highly attracted to moisture damage or areas of high humidity in the house. Termites and carpenter ants will destroy moistened wood much more quickly than healthy wood, so it’s important to avoid severe moisture buildup in your home. You can do this by using a dehumidifier in problem areas (like your basement and crawl spaces) and monitoring your pipes closely for leaks.

4. Lawn Maintenance

Proper lawn care can allow you to alleviate moisture buildup in the yard that will attract unwanted pests and rodents. Plus, maintaining your lawn and cutting it regularly will also help you avoid clutter buildup that provides hiding places and habitats for potential home-invaders. Standing water, even just a little bit, is an attractive breeding ground for mosquitoes.

5. Identify And Seal Entry Points

While many pests are too small to keep out of your house completely, you can limit their easy entry points in hopes that they’ll become disinterested. You can start by applying weather-stripping to all exterior doors. You’ll also want to seal up any cracks in the foundation or around windowsills with silicone-based caulking.

6. Enlist Professional Help

While you may be able to limit your chances of infestation with these tips, there is no substitute for professional pest control. Remember: there are huge health risks and home repair bills at stake. Do you really want to take your chances on DIY pest control methods? Why not protect your home and family with guaranteed services you can count on? The best form of pest protection is with on-going assistance from the professionals at Green Flag Services. Give us a call today to find out more.

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