Orlando's Mosquitoes Are Brutal: We Can Help Alleviate The Problem!


Mosquitoes seem impossible to deal with when they're living around your property. When they invade, they do so in large numbers and start flying around you when you're trying to enjoy your yard. Mosquitoes in Orlando are incredibly annoying as they bite people and feed on their blood. These bites are itchy and obnoxious and also pose some health risks. Mosquitoes can spread illness, so it's wise to learn how to remove them.

While mosquito infestation problems might make you feel out of control, the mosquito control experts at Green Flag Services can provide stability again. Get helpful mosquito prevention tips from our team. 

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How Mosquitoes Sniff Out Human Sweat To Find Us

You've probably seen how mosquitoes seem to zero in on a host. They always seem to find where humans or animals are, but this isn't due to some supernatural ability. Instead, mosquitoes have some biological features to find a blood meal. 

Mosquitoes can sense the carbon dioxide that animals emit when they breathe. This ability and their sense of our body heat and smell bring mosquitoes near. However, one surprising fact about mosquitoes is that not all of them bite. The male mosquitoes don't feed on blood and only consume nectar from plants. The females will bite to get extra protein to lay their eggs.

Mosquito Bite Symptoms And Treatment 

Mosquito bites are frustrating because of the itchiness, and this symptom occurs because of the saliva mosquitoes inject when biting. It's this saliva that people are allergic to, and some have stronger reactions than others.

After a couple of days, the bite will go away for most people, but it will worsen and lead to secondary infection if you continually scratch. If the itchiness is driving you up the wall, you can apply an over-the-counter antihistamine.

The more significant concern with mosquito bites is the risk of diseases. Mosquitoes worldwide transmit many illnesses, including the Zika virus, West Nile virus, malaria, and encephalitis.

The Best Way To Repel Mosquitoes In Orlando

Mosquitoes are tricky pests to avoid completely, but there are ways to reduce the odds of an infestation. You can follow some simple steps, such as:

  • Remove standing water where mosquitoes like to lay their eggs. You can start by cleaning gutters, so rainwater doesn't pool and ensuring hot tubs and pools have covers.
  • Trim up excess foliage in the yard. Mosquitoes like to hide during the day's heat, so you can deter them by keeping your yard trimmed up. Focus primarily on trees and large shrubbery.
  • Keep mosquitoes from getting inside by making sure to repair broken screens and keep doors and windows closed. You can also point outdoor lighting away from the exterior of the house.

Finally, the most effective way to keep mosquitoes away from your Orlando yard is with help from professionals. At Green Flag Services, we are Orlando pest control experts and offer prevention and eradication services. Don't let these problematic pests ruin your life.

Green Flag Services Mosquito Control Programs

Green Flag Services keeps your family safe from mosquitoes while protecting the environment. We use the In2Care system to eliminate common mosquitoes in the area. This system includes the installation of stations around your property that target adults and their larvae. We then perform monthly maintenance visits on these stations to ensure they're working correctly.

If you're tired of being bitten by mosquitoes, we can help. Call us today to request an inspection.

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