Why Do I Have Fleas In My Orlando, FL Home?


While it can be relaxing and enjoyable to be outdoors, insects and creatures can ruin your good time. It will be hard to have a friendly football game, lay in the grass to watch the stars, or take a swim in peace. Pests like fleas are always after you.

Fleas are often underestimated because of how rampant they are, but they can bring about major issues. They are capable of spreading diseases because they take blood from both humans and animals. When they bite, it will leave a reddened and itchy welt. Since they procreate at rapid rates, it’s tough controlling their populations. Find out how and why fleas come inside Orlando homes and what Green Flag Services can do about it.

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How Do You Get Fleas? What Are the Dangers?

One reason fleas are challenging to combat is their size. Their gleaming, reddish-brown bodies are compressed 0.09 of an inch long. You might not see them at all, even when they’re leaping across places on their jumping hind legs. The pests are wingless. In a second, they could land on your clothes or the coat of your pet and follow you home. Then, they will congregate in rugs, fabrics, and animal zones. Without the presence of a domestic creature, fleas will gravitate to rodents, squirrels, and similar.

Common infestation indicators are:

  • Noticing that pets are scratching themselves more than usual
  • Recurring bumps on your skin
  • Finding peppery flea fecal waste on animal bedding and carpeting    
  • Discovering flea eggs close to furniture, rugs, structural gaps, and pets

Fleas are known to distribute parasitic bacterial diseases, tapeworms, and typhus. Typically, bites can lead to skin inflammation or allergic reactions. If you cut your skin while scratching a welt, germs could get inside and give way to a secondary bacterial infection. During an overwhelming infestation, your blood will be withdrawn consistently. Subsequently, you can develop anemia.

Plots with an abundance of grass, trees, and organic matter can be saturated with fleas. Ponds, lakesides, ditches, and similar watery locations are impacted by them as well. This is especially true if there’s shade or sand. These insects can be in residential yards, so be mindful. Keep a close eye on your patios and decks. You might want to take a peek beneath debris, shrubs, and rocks. They can reproduce and flourish indoors.

How Can One Prevent Fleas?

All homes have to be prepared for flea deterrence. It makes no difference if domestic animals are present or not. Perform the following tasks to discourage these pests:

  • Mow the grass and trim the greenery regularly.
  • Be sure to remove debris from the yard.
  • Around your property’s perimeter, lay down gravel instead of soil.
  • Have ongoing discussions about flea control and treatment with a veterinarian for your animals.  
  • Examine and groom your pet’s hair on a routine basis.
  • Vacuum and wash rugs frequently.  
  • Scan second-hand furniture, carpets, and other belongings before purchasing them.
  • Contact Green Flag Services if you have pests fleas might have as a host.

What Can Green Flag Services Do About Fleas?

Lots of people try “do it yourself” techniques or retail insecticides to get rid of fleas. This is the wrong way to go. These costly avenues may kill a few bugs, but they won’t obliterate an infestation. Another problem is toxicity. Many concoctions and products aren’t safe for humans, pets, or plants. We at Green Flag Services have safe and eco-friendly solutions for interiors and exteriors, like perimeter barriers. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced. Call us today and you’ll be offered a free inspection with no obligation! 

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