What To Do If A Wasp Flies Inside Your Orlando Home

yellow jackets on a piece of their nest/hive

There are pests here in Orlando that invade homes en masse, like ants or flies. Other bugs prefer to stay outdoors and will only come inside from time to time. Wasps are one of these types of bugs. They build large nests around area properties and don’t have much need to invade human living spaces. That said, they will get indoors occasionally. Here is what you should do if a wasp gets into your Orlando home along with some methods to prevent these pests in the future. If you suspect these stinging insects have a nest on your property, call us now. The experts at Green Flag Services would be happy to assess your problem and remove wasps fast. 

Where Can You Expect To Find Wasp Nests? 

There are a few different types of wasps that call Orlando home. It is important that you know this because different species make different kinds of nests. Paper wasps and yellow jacket wasps build nests out of chewed-up paper. You can find these nests under the eaves of homes and outbuildings, inside holes in the ground, and in other secluded locations. Mud daubers build homes out of mud on the sides of buildings and trees. These tube-shaped apartments are usually built side by side. Some species of wasp, like the cicada killer, are solitary wasps that will dig their homes into the ground. If you see a large dirt mound with a singular hole, steer clear of the area. To identify a wasp nest in your yard without risking getting stung, let our team perform a detailed inspection.

Are Wasps Drawn To Trees?

Wasps are drawn to certain trees more than others. Specifically, they like trees that produce flowers. Fruit trees are a common example of trees that wasps like. If you don’t have fruit trees on your property, wasps might invade for a different reason. These pests love eating anything that is sweet or high in protein. They will buzz around outdoor gatherings and look for snacks to feed on. They will also eat things like insects and pet food. Here are some things we recommend that you do to deter wasps from your property.

  • Clean out pet food bowls after they finish a meal.
  • Pick up dropped food and drinks after eating outdoors.
  • Keep beverages and food plates covered as much as possible when eating outside.
  • Consider removing flowers and other budding plants from your property.

The fewer food sources wasps have, the less likely they will be to build a nest on your property.

What To Do If A Wasp Gets Inside Your Home

Wasps do not like invading homes but they do come inside from time to time. If you spot a wasp indoors, you have two options. You can either kill it or you can let it out. If it is near a door or window, try opening it and seeing if it flies out. To kill a wasp, we recommend having a spray bottle on hand with water and a bit of dish soap. This solution when sprayed on a wasp will slow it down and kill it within 10 to 15 minutes. 

Wasp Control Made Easy For Orlando Residents

If you are looking for wasp control services to deal with a nest on your property, we have options for you at Green Flag Services. Our team is highly trained and has the safety equipment needed to deal with harmful pests. Take advantage of our wasp identification and elimination services today.

Call us now to learn more about pest control in Orlando or to schedule an appointment to have a wasp nest removed from your property. 

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