Why The Fire Ants In Orlando Are A Big Problem

Fire ants are a big problem everywhere they live in the world, Orlando isn't special in this regard. These ants get into crop fields and feed on crops. They come onto farms and attack livestock. And they come into residential yards and attack people. The wounds they inflict cause a burning sensation. This is what has earned them the name “fire” ant. While we call these wounds bites, they are actually stings. This is important to understand because stinging insects inject venom and it is possible to have an allergic reaction to insect venom.

red ants in dirt

How bad is a fire ant sting?

You'll rarely get just one fire ant sting. These ants swarm together and sting multiple times. This will result in multiple wounds. Most fire ant wounds will be a red, inflamed mound with a white pustule at the center. While unpleasant, most Floridians are tough, and we tend to brush off these encounters. But there are certain circumstances where things can get serious.

  • An allergic reaction to fire ant venom can cause anaphylaxis. If you experience a swelling of the tongue or throat, difficulty breathing, dizziness, or flu-like symptoms, seek a physician as quickly as possible. Anaphylaxis can be deadly. Some people are prone to this response, so they carry an EpiPen for emergencies. But insect allergies don't just plague a small portion of our population. Anyone can develop an allergy to insect venom, and this allergy can appear later in life. You should always be cautious around any stinging insect.

  • Babies are uniquely threatened by fire ants. When fire ants attack infants, they're not able to get away from them.

  • Keep this in mind if you hear a baby crying outside while seated in a car carrier on the ground.

  • Fire ant wounds are painful at first, but become itchy afterward. The itching feeling can last for several days and even more than a week. If kids get stung by fire ants, they tend to scratch the wounds more readily. This can cause open wounds that may become infected.

  • Fire ant wounds can cause swelling. If swelling is severe, medical treatment may need to be sought.

What can you expect from fire ants?

  • You can expect these ants to encroach upon your property and develop many mounds.

  • You can expect them to get into your garbage and into your grill to find sources of protein and carbohydrates.

  • You can expect them to get into your home if they find a crack.

  • You can expect them to ruin outdoor fun.

The Bigger Problem

Fire ants can be driven into your home. When we get heavy rains, it can cause ground saturation or flood conditions. This can make fire ants leave their nests and seek higher ground. Sometimes, higher ground is the interior of Orlando homes. We strongly recommend taking the time to seal as many entry points as you can find in your exterior.

  • Seal cracks in your foundation.

  • Seal gaps around exterior wall penetrations.

  • Replace damaged screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps.

  • Fill in holes created by wood-destroying pests.

The Biggest Problem

While it is definitely bad to have stinging insects in your yard or have them getting into your Orlando home, there is an even bigger problem to consider. They can be difficult to exterminate, especially if you use incorrect products or methods. Why?

  • Fire ants mounds aren't easily treated. The tunnels can go down ten feet into the ground.

  • Fire ants create foraging tunnels on the surface. These tunnels can go twenty feet in all directions. If you treat a mound, fire ants can easily escape.

  • Fire ant colonies have multiple queens. If you attack a colony mound, you can actually make your problem worse. This can cause budding. So, instead of one frustrating colony to deal with, you'll have two or more.

How To Deal With Fire Ants In Orlando

Remember that the team at Green Flag Services is always here to assist you with your pest control needs. Our licensed pest control professionals know what is required to locate and eliminate fire ants. Connect with us today and tell us about your pest control problem. We can help.