Why Does My Orlando Yard Have A Tick Problem?

Ticks are plentiful in Orlando. The tropical climate of Florida makes it perfect for tick species to live and thrive. The weather here is also perfect for mice, rats, and other animals that pick ticks up and move them around. This is why Orlando residents have such a problem with ticks. Here are a few more reasons ticks are a problem.

dog tick biting skin

Ticks Can Transmit Diseases

While there are several tick species in Florida, there are three that are of the greatest concern in Orlando. They are the blacklegged, American dog, and Lone Star tick. Blacklegged ticks are linked to the spread of Lyme diseases, which can lead to lifelong medical complications and ongoing misery. The American dog tick has a preference for domestic canines, but will bite humans. When it does, there is a potential for the transmission of Rocky Mountain spotted fever and other harmful diseases. The Lone Star tick is plentiful, readily bites humans, and spreads ehrlichiosis, Bourbon virus, tularemia, and more. These diseases present a serious threat, and a big problem.

Ticks Hide And Wait

When ticks are carried into your yard, they fall off small animals and look for larger animals to climb on. The greatest threat to health comes from the link between rodents and domesticated animals. When a little mouse explores your yard, it can have as many as a hundred seed ticks on its body, and a rat can have many more. All of those seed ticks will leave their first host as they develop. When they do, they're going to be attracted to dogs and cats as hosts. This puts pet owners at risk because rodents are a reservoir for the diseases listed above.

Ticks Reproduce

A female tick can lay as many as 6,000 eggs on the ground, depending on the species. But even a hundred eggs in your yard can lead to a serious problem, especially if they are Lone Star ticks. Seed ticks from this species will attach to humans. If you kneel in the wrong spot while working on your landscaping, you could find a large number of tiny specks attached to the skin on your legs. This can be very disturbing, but there is some good news. The disease threat is low because it is unlikely that those seed ticks have attached to an animal yet. You're their first victim.

They're Hard To Keep Out

The last problem to consider with ticks in your Orlando yard is that they're difficult to keep out of your home. They can hitch a ride on your pet. They can hitch a ride on you. They can hitch a ride in a plant pot. But, most of all, they can hitch a ride on a rodent. Mice and rats have strong teeth that give them the ability to chew through wood and other building materials. If a mouse or rat chews a hole and gets into your home, it can spread ticks to every level.

How To Address The Problem Of Ticks In Orlando

There are a few ways you can protect yourself from ticks. Obviously, the first step is to protect your pets, yourself, and everyone in your home by using personal prevention tips, such as purchasing flea collars, wearing mosquito repellent on your legs when you're outside, and doing routine checks for ticks. Early detection and removal of ticks can prevent the spread of diseases-causing bacteria.

Once you've done what you can to apply personal tick prevention, it is time to consider tick prevention in your yard. Everything you do to discourage animals from exploring your yard and coming near to the perimeter of your home will reduce the population of ticks in your yard. Consider removing food sources, water sources, and harborage options to deter animals.

Moisture plays a big role in the development of ticks. They require moist habitats to survive. If you take steps to reduce damp areas around your home, you can have an impact on tick viability.

The greater protection for your yard is only achievable through the application of tick control products. These should be selected and administered by a licensed pest management professional. If you'd like assistance with these, reach out to Green Flag Services. We support Orlando residents by offering industry-leading pest control services. You don't have to live with ticks in your yard.