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Effective Pest Control Services In Wesley Chapel, FL

The city of Wesley Chapel is a Tampa suburb in Pasco County. This beautiful area is packed with gorgeous natural scenery along with hundreds of residences and businesses. While this means it's a great place to live, it also means you run the risk of experiencing out-of-control pest infestations if left unchecked. With a pest infestation, nothing gets the job done as well as professional pest control services, which Green Flag Services proudly offers to the residents and commercial pest owners in Wesley Chapel and the surrounding area.

Our services are eco-conscious, pet-friendly, and guaranteed to provide the results you need, so you can be worry free about local pests in Wesley Chapel. No matter what type of pest problems you're facing, our team has you covered. We are the go-to pest control company for Tampa, Daytona and the Central Florida area and look forward to assisting you with your needs. Call us today to get started.

Home Pest Control In Wesley Chapel, FL

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Home means family, safety, security, and peace of mind that can't be found anywhere else. When pests invade, these thoughts and feelings go out the window, which is why it's often a great idea to invest in professional residential pest control services all year long. Green Flag Services believes in providing a solution that delivers results the first time, which is why we start with a customized inspection and treatment strategy. Throughout our treatment, we will service:

  • Common interior problem areas
  • Exterior perimeter applications
  • And more

Thanks to the Tampa area's humidity level, pests thrive all year, which is why we provide ongoing pest services on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis depending on your needs. Don't wait to take back control of your home and experience pest control with results. Call us today to get started.

Commercial Pest Control In Wesley Chapel, FL

As a business, you need the best environment possible for happy employees and customers, which is impossible when pests think they're invited to come inside. With the regular heat, humidity, and potential harborage areas throughout the city, it's not surprising you might need commercial pest control services to stay ahead of potential problems.

No matter what type of business you operate, our team has you covered from start to finish. We'll focus on the most common problem areas like storage spaces, kitchens, break rooms, and other similar areas during our inspection. After we complete the inspection, we'll get to work implementing a treatment specifically designed for your unique needs and business type.

Keep your doors open and your customers happy with commercial pest control from Green Flag Services. We'll be there for you every step of the way, ready to provide the guaranteed results you need. Call us today to schedule your thorough, no-obligation inspection.

Six Ways To Prevent Ant Infestations In Wesley Chapel Homes

With excess humidity and heat come ant infestations in your Wesley Chapel home. Fortunately, most ants in Wesley Chapel are simply a nuisance, but some are harmful to either your property or yourself. Regardless, they don't belong on the premises, and we have six ways to prevent an ant infestation from happening to you, which are:

1. Eliminate Water Sources: The ants need access to water to stick around and make a home in your home. Repair all leaks, eliminate standing water, and address any other accessible water sources to prevent infestations.

2. Keep Food Safe: Ants are attracted to human food and sugary substances like the soda you might have spilled yesterday. Wipe everything down, store unused food properly, and sweep up any crumbs to stay ahead of the problem.

3. Eliminate The Scent Trail: Ants release a scent trail the other ants can follow. This helps them make return trips to food and water sources. Using soap, cleaners, and water, you can remove this scent trail to keep them away.

4. Trash Management: Ants adore your trash and its smell, which is why you must keep the trash secure and dispose of it far away from the house.

5. Air Conditioning: While you don't want to turn your home into a tundra, the truth is ants are less inclined to stick around in a dry and cool home compared to a hot and humid one. If necessary, add a dehumidifier to the equation.

6. Professional Assistance: The best way to prevent ants and any other pests are to invest in ongoing professional pest control that stops the problem in its tracks.

Keep the ants away with help from our team at Green Flag Services. Call us to get started on your ant-free property.

Are These Silverfish In My Wesley Chapel Home Dangerous?

While this pest boasts a creepy fish-like appearance, the truth is that silverfish aren't dangerous. However, the Wesley Chapel silverfish are a definite nuisance that doesn't belong inside your home. For example, they invade in large numbers, which can quickly overwhelm you and make the home feel unclean.

In some cases, people may experience an allergic reaction to an infestation and they attract other pests like the carpet beetle. While they don't cause property damage per se, they do chew at materials like clothing and upholstery, meaning you might experience material damage.

Never worry about silverfish again by signing up with our team at Green Flag Services for all of your pest control needs. Call us today to take the first step towards a protected home.


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