Twelve Quick & Effective Cockroach Control Tips For Orlando Property Owners

There is no getting around the fact that cockroaches are a problem in Orlando. We have several cockroach species that can get into our homes and make us sick. But you don't have to give in to those roaches. While it is nearly impossible to keep a determined cockroach out of your Orlando home, there are tips that can reduce your chances of an infestation.

cockroach eating jelly

1. Put Food In Sealed Containers

Food that is kept inside a sealed container prevents cockroaches from getting in and finding a bite to eat. Roaches have the ability to chew through cardboard and paper. Sealed food stays fresh longer and prevents decay. If you have packaged foods that are not contained, the decay of the foods inside can be a strong attractant for roaches.

2. Keep Dishes In Soapy Water

It is so easy to leave dishes next to the sink with food stuck to them. We all are prone to do it. But if you put food in a sink full of soapy water, you prevent cockroaches from getting a bite to eat. The soap in the water will also prevent cockroaches from getting a drink. It isn't enough to just put your dishes in water. You'll be replacing one attractant with another.

3. Manage Your Interior Trash

When you place food in your trash, it can rot and act as a strong attractant for roaches. Proper management of trash will go a long way toward preventing a roach infestation. Remove trash as often as possible and keep your trash receptacles clean.

4. Clean Spills Immediately

You should never allow a spill to sit. It doesn't take long for organic matter to create a scent that cockroaches are drawn to. They are far more sensitive to these smells than we are.

5. Look For Moisture Issues

Cockroaches need moisture to survive. When they get into your home, they'll gravitate to moisture. Inspect your home for leaky taps, condensation, or leaky pipes. Repair any plumbing issues you find.

6. Address Humidity

If your home doesn't have any leaks or condensation, you can still have a moisture attractant for cockroaches in the form of humidity. Any areas of your home that have high humidity should be addressed with dehumidifiers, fans, or proper ventilation. You may also work to address humidity by being sure to use the fan in your bathroom when you take a shower.

7. Seal Around Moisture Points

your pipes are an important point of interest for cockroaches. For this reason, cockroaches often come in through gaps around pipes. Use a caulking gun to seal gaps around foundation wall penetrations. If you have gaps around interior pipes, use products to seal those gaps.

8. Replace Door Sweeps

If your exterior doors have damaged or missing door sweeps, it is important to address this problem. Cockroaches can easily slip underneath a door, and are inclined to do so. Roaches are strongly attracted to tight spaces.

9. Replace Weatherstripping

The weatherstripping around your exterior doors helps to keep the cool, conditioned air inside your Orlando home. But that seal also works to keep cockroaches out. Make sure you have a good seal all the way around your doors.

10. Inspect Used Furniture

If you pick up a free item from the side of the road or get an item from a garage sale, you could be purchasing an infestation. Be sure to do a detailed inspection of used furniture before you bring any item inside. Search for black speckles, shed skins, and the presence of roaches.

11. Refrain From Applying Chemicals

We have offered a lot of dos. Here is one don't to consider. Applying chemicals to keep cockroaches out of your home or to exterminate cockroaches that have gotten into your home can have undesirable results if you don't have training in pest control. Cockroaches have the ability to develop a resistance to chemicals. This can turn cockroaches into vehicles for bringing the harmful chemicals into your food storage areas. They may also expose your dishes, silverware, and food-preparations surfaces.

12. Pest Control You Can Trust

Keep in mind that Green Flag Services is available to help keep cockroaches out of your Orlando home and eliminate cockroaches that have gotten in. We use the most effective and environmentally friendly products to get control of cockroaches and manage cockroach threats.

For immediate assistance in Orlando, reach out to Green Flag Services today. We're standing by to assist you with all your pest control needs.