The Best Way To Deter Yellow Jackets This Summer In Orlando

Yellow jacket season is right around the corner. Without yellow jacket control, these stinging insects may decide that your Orlando yard is the perfect place for them to settle. Before you know it, there could be yellow jacket nests underground in your yard, hanging from the eaves of your home, or even in your attic. Yellow jackets can be aggressive and their stings are painful. Don’t let them ruin your summer - learn how to identify and deter these stinging pests.

a yellow jacket wasp on a branch

How To Identify Yellow Jackets

Yellow jacket identification can be tricky, as they look similar to other types of stinging insects, especially paper wasps. However, there are characteristics that can distinguish yellow jackets from other wasps and bees.

Yellow jackets are bright yellow with black stripes on their abdomens. They are between ⅜” and ⅝” long and have hard, shiny bodies. They have a short, narrow waist where the thorax meets the abdomen. Paper wasps are often mistaken for yellow jackets, but they typically are brownish in color and have more slender bodies.

Yellow jackets can also be identified by their nests. Some species of yellow jackets build their nests underground, while others build aerial nests that dangle from tree branches or under the eaves of homes. Yellow jacket nests are made from a pulp of chewed-up cellulose and saliva. Their nests are constructed as a series of combs stacked on top of each other, with layers of pulp covering the combs. Paper wasp nests, by comparison, do not have this protective envelope.

The behavior of yellow jackets also differs from other types of stinging insects. While most species of wasps and bees are not particularly aggressive, yellow jackets will sometimes sting even if unprovoked. Their aggressive nature makes it even more important to deter these pests.

Does Anything Instantly Kill Yellow Jackets?

Yellow jackets are the last type of stinging insect that you want to see on your property. Their aggressive behavior can make enjoying your yard difficult, and it’s normal to want to get rid of them instantly. There are products you can purchase that are effective against yellow jackets. You can use insecticide dusts and sprays on nests to kill the wasps inside.

Unfortunately, nests are sometimes difficult to locate and access. Nests hanging from high areas may be impossible to reach safely. Underground nests also pose challenges, as it can be tricky to inject the insecticide far enough into the nest. And, of course, there is always the risk of being stung while you’re spraying the nest. Angry yellow jackets will attack and sting multiple times, which can be a serious situation, especially if you are allergic to wasp venom.

Getting rid of yellow jackets is no easy feat. It’s best to hire a professional to safely and effectively treat your property. To avoid a yellow jacket problem in the first place, learn what attracts them in the next section.

What Attracts Yellow Jackets To Your Yard?

To successfully keep yellow jackets away, you must first understand what attracts them to a yard. Yellow jackets prefer yards with ideal nesting sites and easy access to food and water sources. Yards with ground holes for underground nests can be attractive to yellow jackets depending on the species. High tree branches and roof eaves for aerial nests are also likely attractants.

Properties with areas of standing water, including clogged gutters, birdbaths, or water-filled flower pots will also draw yellow jackets. Yellow jackets feed on plant nectar and other sugary substances, so gardens with lots of flowering plants can be popular spots for them. They are also drawn to fruit and sweet drinks like soda, so overflowing garbage cans are a magnet for yellow jackets.

To deter yellow jackets from nesting on your property, try these simple prevention tips:

  • Fill in any ground holes that can provide nesting sites.

  • Trim trees and shrubs that are in close proximity to your home to prevent nesting.

  • Keep lids on your garbage cans and remove garbage frequently.

  • Remove areas of standing water by maintaining gutters, emptying water-filled containers, etc.

  • Reduce flowering plants, especially on your deck or close to your home.

  • Never leave food or drinks sitting outdoors for long periods.

Taking these precautions can help deter yellow jackets from nesting on your Orlando property. For yellow jacket control solutions, continue to the next section.

What Is The Best Treatment For Yellow Jackets?

The best way to get rid of yellow jackets is to work with a professional pest control service. For safe and effective yellow jacket control in Orlando, contact the pros at Green Flag Services. Green Flag Services is your top source for pest control in Orlando. We will remove the yellow jacket nests from your property and help prevent them from coming back. Protect yourself from yellow jackets this summer with Green Flag Services. Schedule your free inspection today.