Six No-Sweat Silverfish Prevention Tips For Orlando Property Owners

Do you know that when you sweat, the environment you're in is perfect for silverfish? Silverfish are drawn to warm, humid, and damp habitats. If you're sweating and miserable, you can bet that silverfish are anything but miserable. The secret to silverfish prevention is to alter the conditions that make you sweat. Here are six no-sweat silverfish prevention tips.

silverfish on a red rug

1. Install Air Conditioning

If your home does not have air conditioning, silverfish will feel right at home. Hot, humid air is ideal for these pests. The installation of air conditioning units can turn an ideal habitat into a less than ideal habitat for silverfish. You might think that air conditioning blows cold air into your home, but what is actually happening is the unit removes heat from the air. It also removes moisture during the conditioning process.

2. Install ventilation exhaust and fans

Another way to reduce humidity and moisture in your home is to install fans that pull the moist air out. You may already have a fan in your bathroom that does this. We recommend using that fan when you take a shower or bath. It reduces the humidity in your bathroom. This can make the habitat in your bathroom less inviting to moisture-loving pests. It will also lower mold spore counts and prevent exposure to black mold. But your bathroom isn't the only location fans and ventilation exhaust can be helpful. Any room in your home that is high in humidity can benefit from fan exhaust.

3. Install A Dehumidifier

In extreme cases of humidity, it may be necessary to install a dehumidifier. This is the pinnacle of humidity reduction. A dehumidifier is designed to extract moisture from the air. It is far better than air conditioning and fans combined.

4. Fix Leaks

If you have a leaky shower, you'll have more humidity in your bathroom. This humidity will be hard to control, even if you use your bathroom fan while showering. If you have leaky pipes, this can increase the humidity in your home. It can also lead to wood rot and other favorable conditions for silverfish. We strongly recommend addressing leaks as quickly as possible, not only to keep in control of moisture pests, but also to prevent damage to your home.

5. Reduce Exterior Moisture

When you go outside to tend your landscaping, do you ever sweat? While this tip won't prevent you from sweating, it can help you sweat less about getting silverfish in your home. Pretty clever, huh? A damp exterior will invite silverfish to come close to your foundation. When silverfish get close, it increases the chance that they'll get inside.

  • Water your plants in the early morning.

  • Clean your gutters out and make sure they're working properly.

  • Put space between your plants to provide better air flow.

  • Trim bushes and shrubs.

  • Remove unnecessary vegetation.

  • Rake leaves, fonds, grass clippings, sticks, wood, and other organic debris away from your exterior.

Seal Exterior Points

This tip will make you sweat, but it is well worth the effort. There are many pests that get into your home from the outside. While silverfish can be destructive pests to have in your home, they're not going to bite you or make you sick like many other pests will. These tips will help you keep silverfish and other pests out, prevent bites and stings, prevent the spread of illness, and guard your property from wood-destroying organisms.

  • Check your exterior doors closely. Seal gaps in weather stripping. Seal gaps around the frames. Fill in holes created by wood-destroying organisms. Replace damaged door sweeps. Fix damaged screens.

  • Check your exterior windows. Seal gaps around your frames. Seal tiny gaps between your screens and your window frames. Fix damaged window panes. Fix damaged screens.

  • Seal cracks in your exterior walls and foundation slab.

  • If your home has sole plates (also called sills) inspect them from damage caused by water and pests. A caulking gun can seal holes temporarily until you're able to get things fixed properly.

Don't Go It Alone

Remember that Green Flag Services is always standing ready to assist you with Orlando pest control. Contact us and speak with one of our representatives about what will work to target the pests you're concerned about. If you're currently dealing with a silverfish infestation, we can help you get it under control and help you make your home resistant to further infestation. Reach out to us today.