Help! I Need To Keep Rodents Out Of My Orlando Restaurant

A rodent in a restaurant can spoil an appetite. The last thing a diner wants to see while enjoying a meal is a rat scurrying out of the kitchen, and for restaurant owners, a rodent-sighting can become a horror show. Rats and mice in your establishment can mean the loss of your reputation, customers, and notwithstanding, your income.

Rodents are a source of dread for all restaurant owners, but they are pretty common in Orlando restaurants. Mice and rats are drawn to food service establishments as they provide plenty of food, shelter, warmth, and hiding places for these pests. If proper precautions are not taken, restaurants can quickly become overrun by rats or mice. Once the rodents have made themselves at home, it’s not so easy to get them out.

Rodents are terrible news for restaurateurs. They pose threats to the health and safety of your staff and patrons, your property, your reputation, and the survival of your business. If you have a rodent infestation in your restaurant or are concerned about future infestations, continue reading to learn how to protect your business from rodents.

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Rodents In Restaurants: Understanding The Risks

Rodents are highly detrimental to restaurants. They are hazardous to human health, cause property damage, affect your reputation, and can even lead to the closure of your business. It’s essential to know all the risks that rodents pose to your restaurant, so you can take the necessary actions to prevent and control them.

Here are some potential issues that these furry pests can bring to your business:

  • Contamination of food and surfaces.

  • Exposing you, your employees, and your customers to diseases like salmonellosis, murine typhus, jaundice, and rat-bite fever.

  • Asthma attacks and allergic reactions caused by rodent urine.

  • Property damage to drywall, wood, insulation, and more from rodents chewing through these materials.

  • Negative reviews and damage to your restaurant’s reputation.

  • Possible Health department fines.

  • Risk of temporary or even permanent closure of your business by the health department.

A rodent infestation is a serious issue for any restaurant owner, but proactive measures can prevent it.

Preventing Rodents In Orlando Restaurants

As mentioned, restaurants can be rodent-magnets, as they provide these pests with food, shelter, and warmth. If you don't maintain proactive preventative measures, these creatures will find a way inside your establishment. Keeping your business secure, clean, and organized can go a long way to protecting it from rodents.

Rats and mice may enter your restaurant through open doors or windows or small cracks and holes in the exterior of the building. Rats can fit through openings the size of a quarter, while mice can slip through holes as small as a dime. Never leave doors or windows open, and be sure to inspect the building for any holes, cracks, or gaps that rodents could enter through. Rodents, like all animals, need water to survive. Address any moisture issues in your restaurant, including standing water or leaking pipes, to limit water sources for mice and rats.

Restaurants have an abundance of food sources for rodents in their kitchens, pantries, and even dumpsters. This is the main reason that rats and mice are drawn to restaurants. Be sure to keep your kitchen clean and sanitized, promptly cleaning up spills and wiping down equipment and surfaces several times a day. Keep food storage areas clean and organized, and always store food containers on racks or shelves above the floor. Make sure that your employees are storing and disposing of garbage correctly; trash bags should always be sealed, and dumpster lids must be tightly closed at all times.

Being aware of early signs of rodents can also help prevent an infestation from worsening. Keep an eye out for rodent droppings, chewed boxes, or sightings of rodents themselves, and encourage your employees to report any signs of rats or mice immediately.

What To Do If Your Restaurant Has A Rodent Problem

If your restaurant does become infested by rodents, professional commercial pest control is your best course of action. Green Flag Services can quickly solve your rodent problem and prevent future ones from occurring. Green Flag Services is Orlando’s trusted source for quality rodent control. We will inspect your business for rodents and identify entry points, and then recommend a custom treatment plan for your property. Our rodent solutions will not only remove rodents from your restaurant but also prevent infestations from recurring through our rodent-deterring products and ongoing monitoring system.

Rats and mice can threaten the reputation and the very existence of your restaurant. Don’t let these little creatures take away your good name and your livelihood - contact Green Flag Services today to get the rodents out of your Orlando restaurant and keep them out.