Get Ahead Of Bed Bugs In Orlando Before It’s Too Late

Bed bug control is an essential method, both for infestations that do not yet exist and for keeping an ongoing infestation from getting worse. It’s not possible to control for bed bugs with 100% certainty, but understanding the most critical aspects of bed bug control can save you time, money, and misery.

Unfortunately, bed bugs aren’t just a sleep-destroying nightmare; they are tough insects capable of lasting long periods of time without food and are, therefore, difficult to get rid of on your own. Keep reading to learn more about bed bug control in Orlando, what an infestation looks like, and how to keep bed bugs from coming back again and again.

a bed bug on a bag

Early Warning Signs Of Bed Bugs In Orlando Homes

If you have accidentally brought bed bugs with you into your home, there are a few things to look out for that may save you a full-blown infestation. Bed bugs are hitchhikers, so one early warning sign of having bed bugs is seeing one, especially on your furniture, clothing, shoes, or luggage. If bed bugs have begun to inhabit your home, you may also notice clusters of bite marks on your ankles and wrists.

At this point, you may be looking into natural pest control for bed bugs. However, many who turn to powders, sprays, and plastic wrapping are unable to get rid of the entire population, as they don’t know exactly how far bed bugs have spread.

Bed bugs are tricky hiders, occasionally sticking to the tiny spaces between floorboards or where the wall meets the ceiling. They’ve also been known to hide in curtains, behind light covers and paintings, and even inside appliances. This is why it is better to entrust your local pest control for bed bugs rather than wasting time, money, and emotional energy on trying to treat the issue yourself.

What A Bed Bug Infestation Is Like In Orlando

Once a bed bug problem has progressed to a full-blown infestation, the signs are a lot more obvious. Though bed bugs can spread to many areas throughout the house, most of these signs will be concentrated around the resting areas like the bed and couch. Look out for these signs that might indicate an infestation:

  • Spots of blood

  • Feces that spread like marker stains

  • Shed exoskeletons

  • Eggshells the size of a pinhead

  • Clusters or straight lines of bites on exposed skin after sleeping

Bed bugs may only lay an average of an egg each day, but this rate becomes exponentially faster the more mature adults are reproducing in an area. Getting on top of an infestation is easy with your local pest control for bed bugs. Waiting until after an infestation has grown makes bed bug control much more difficult.

How To Stop Bed Bugs In Orlando From Coming Back

To keep bed bugs from coming back, the first order of business should be to recruit professional pest control to kill bed bugs that will eliminate the entire infestation. Natural pest control for bed bugs will leave you floundering with each new wave of bugs and won’t get the job done well. In addition, some maintenance around the house should help to keep the bed bugs from coming back.

Try these tips to make your bed bug extermination permanent:

  • Don’t store things under the bed

  • Vacuum often

  • Wash sheets and blankets often

  • Wash curtains

  • Move furniture away from walls to clean behind and underneath

  • Install door sweeps

  • Maintain door and window screens and make sure they seal

  • Seal cracks and holes around the home with silicone-based caulk

Bed bugs spread fast and far, sometimes crawling out front doors and down hallways to infest entire office buildings, apartment buildings, and daycare centers. Getting rid of the entire infestation will require a joint collaboration between your pest control professional and yourself to keep your area free of clutter for the bed bugs to hide inside.

How Do I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In My Orlando Home Permanently?

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