Three Simple Tricks To Keep Ants Out Of Your Orlando Home


Every homeowner is busy. With the work, errands, and maintenance you have to do to keep your home clean and well-maintained, pest prevention often falls to the wayside. Before you know it, ants are crawling around the places where you eat your meals. That’s why the best pest prevention comes from the diligence of professionals, but every homeowner can learn more about how to avoid infestations.

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Common Ants In The Area

Most ants that enter your home are harmless, though all are gross and unwelcome. Even nuisance ants can contaminate food sources and the areas where we prepare our food. But the more dangerous ant species, the ones that spread diseases and create larger damage on your property, those species are common, too. That’s why it’s important to keep up on general pest control, which protects your home against ants of all kinds, from nuisance ants to more dangerous species like carpenter ants and fire ants. To keep them out, you first have to understand what attracts ants to homes in the first place.

What Attracts Ants To Homes

Ants are primarily foragers, searching for ready food sources rather than hunting for prey. As such, discarded food waste or accumulating crumbs can be a major source of attraction for ants that are likely already right outside. Colonies typically form in the soil out in your yard and are then attracted indoors thanks to these factors:

  • Food: Ants like sugary aromas especially, though they will scavenge for a wide range of food items to take back to their nesting grounds.
  • Water: Pests of all kinds are attracted to moist areas and so are ants. Anywhere in a home where water pools or hangs in the air is a potential hotspot for pest activity.
  • Shelter: Ants can’t easily survive outdoors when it’s cold or wet, so they like human homes for the shelter they provide. Being inside can also keep them safe from predators that can hunt them outside.

The Best Household Prevention

Limiting sources of food and water around your property is a good place to start when it comes to pest prevention. However, your home will be an attractive enough target to invade just the same, as these scavenging pests will stop at nothing to search for food. That’s why it’s important to take these steps, too:

  1. Crack sealing: Regularly check your exterior walls and foundation for holes or cracks, no matter how tiny, and make repairs. Ants can make it in through even the slightest faults.
  2. Landscaping: Keeping your grass trimmed low and decorative plants kept back away from your structures will reduce the areas where ants can hide outdoors and easily get close to your home. Smart placement of flowerbeds is important, too.
  3. Professional assistance: The best way to protect your home is with seasonal treatments from pest experts. Contact your local pest control office to learn more.

Real Control Comes From Professional Help

Again, most homeowners have enough on their plates to also worry about all those factors that attract pests. But even property owners who address those concerns can still wind up with an ant infestation -- that’s how common and invasive these insects are. Instead of sweating all the small stuff on your own, let us help you! At Green Flag Services, our trained staff can provide you with more tips on how to protect your home from ant infestations. More than that, we can inspect your property inside and out for signs of pests or the factors that draw them near. We can help you address these problem areas and also offer effective yard treatments that are the best shield against invasive pests.

To keep ants out of your home, contact Green Flag Services today.

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