How To Tell If You Have A Roach Problem In Your Orlando Home


Cockroaches are insects of the order Blattodea that thrive all year in Florida’s warm and humid climate, which poses a constant threat to property owners. Cockroaches have a durable exoskeleton, can tolerate extreme temperatures, and can survive for weeks without food, which makes them very adaptable to their surroundings.

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Among the most common types found in this region are the German cockroach, American cockroach, and Australian cockroach. German cockroaches have a tan or brown appearance with two distinct dark lines. The American cockroach usually has a reddish appearance, and has a unique yellow marking behind their head. Australian cockroaches appear very similar to American cockroaches, but have yellow bands on their upper wings. Female cockroaches generate small eggs that are typically brown, and positioned in hard-to-reach places. From an egg, cockroaches develop into a nymph before reaching adulthood.

Signs Of A Cockroach Intrusion

Cockroaches tend to hide during the daytime, preferring to travel in search of food after dark. They are commonly found underneath sinks, below appliances, and within cabinets. Cockroaches usually reside near areas of water and humidity.

How Dangerous Are They?

  • Cockroaches often cause a musty odor, and may cause asthma attacks and other reactions among those with allergies.

  • As they travel, their saliva and waste may contaminate food and surfaces.

  • They can spread harmful pathogens that cause salmonellosis, cholera, dysentery, and other problems.

  • Often, they will create stains on furniture or clothing.

Challenges In Eliminating Them

Because of their rather small size and good mobility, cockroaches can invade a property through cracks near the foundation, gaps near the seals of windows and doors, and other points of entry. Cockroaches will commonly navigate their way to adjacent apartments in multi-unit buildings. They are also capable of withstanding exposure to most conventional chemical treatment options.

The key to preventing cockroaches is limiting sources of food, as they will consume most items that humans eat. Avoid leaving dirty dishes or bowls of uneaten pet food out overnight. Kitchen-area trash cans must have lids that close tightly. Spills must be promptly cleaned up and floors regularly swept to remove crumbs.

Do I Need A Professional Pest Controller?

Some property owners try taking matters into their own hands by purchasing mass-marketed do-it-yourself options from local stores or online retailers that are professed to be a fast solution to pest-related concerns. Most of these products generate merely short-term results that are insufficient for banishing major pest infestations. These products might also contain harsh chemical agents that pose health risks.

At Green Flag Services, we have developed a five-step process that has proven to be effective:

  1. Our trained and licensed professionals perform a detailed interior and exterior property inspection.
  2. Based on the circumstances, we propose a customized treatment option.
  3. Our work is always conducted using the latest tools and technology.
  4. We adhere to an integrated and comprehensive pest management approach.
  5. Follow-up is performed diligently to ensure success.

Our company also offers year-round home protection plans that include bi-monthly treatments for preventing unwanted pests.

Local Provider Of Pest Management Solutions

The seasoned team of professionals with Green Flag Services has been assisting residential and commercial customers in the Orlando region for many years. In addition to cockroaches, we have the latest products and training to efficiently eliminate bed bugs, termites, rodents, and a host of other bothersome and potentially dangerous pests. We are also committed to safety, and employ many of the eco-friendly treatment options that are recommended by the Florida Pest Management Association and other industry leaders. Your home represents a substantial investment that deserves treatment from experienced professionals. Contact our office today to schedule an inspection and estimate. We also offer commercial pest management services.

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