Why Spiders Come Into Orlando Homes In The First Place


Ah, the Orlando lifestyle sure is unique. Some people say it’s a year-round vacation, but residents know better. While living so close to some of the best attractions in the world can be entertaining at times, being an Orlando resident can be frustrating. And tourist invasions are only the half of it. 

a brown recluse spider on a stone foundation

Since our climate is conducive to year-round vacation attractions, it’s also conducive to year-round pest infestations. Once you realize that your year-round pest issues are increasing your chances of spider activity, you might be more careful about your preventative measures.

Common Spider Problems

Since spiders in Orlando will often invade your house if they think it could be a sustainable source of their pest prey, the first thing you’ll usually notice around your home is their webs. A majority of spiders create webs in low traffic areas that are perfect for finding insects to eat, and they’ll use their fangs and venom to incapacitate their victims. While all spiders have fangs and venom, only two spiders in the Houston area can cause serious harm to humans: the brown recluse and the black widow spider. 
When you’re a victim of a brown recluse or black widow spider bite, immediate medical attention should be sought to avoid dangerous health conditions like nausea, shortness of breath, skin infections, and cardiovascular problems. There may be other black and brown spiders more common to the area, but these two spiders will set themselves apart with their unique markings. The brown recluse spider has translucent legs and a dark brown violin-shape on its back, while the black widow spider features the famous red hourglass on its bulbous abdomen. 
While these two species may be the only ones that can cause physical harm, other spiders on your property can be frustrating intruders as well. As the largest species of spiders in the area, wolf spiders can create an imposing figure with their long, hairy legs and multiple pairs of eyes. Jumping spiders, on the other hand, may be small but can leap over 25 times their own height, giving anyone who crosses their path quite the scare. Plus, any of the common house spiders will riddle your home with unsightly webs in your light fixtures, furniture, and ceiling.

Proper Prevention Priorities

If you try and keep spiders out of your house directly, it might be an exercise in futility. They are very small, flexible, and opportunistic, able to find a way into your home no matter what you do. While sealing up cracks and crevices, storing firewood away from the house, and de-webbing can discourage a spider infestation in your home, nothing limits your chances of a spider infestation more than eliminating pest problems within your home. 
Spiders can pick and choose where they want to go, so the best way to make them go somewhere else is to make them think that your home is barren of any potential food sources. Some of the pest prevention methods that you can perform on your own include:

  • Proper food and trash storage 
  • Managing moisture issues 
  • Cleaning regularly 
  • Monitoring screens for holes or tears 
  • Maintaining the lawn

While these tips can be very helpful in limiting their pest prey, you could still wind up with a pest problem and an ensuing spider infestation. In order to guarantee an insect- and spider-free home, you’ll need the help of a professional pest technician. The absolute best way to handle a pest infestation and reduce your chances of a spider problem is to call the pros at Green Flag Services. We are standing by to help!

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