What You Ought To Know About Fleas In Your Orlando Home


Orlando residents love their pets. With Florida’s year-round summer weather and great trails, Orlando is a great place for animals to live! Unfortunately, there’s one pest that agrees, and that’s fleas. Flea infestations are becoming a more common occurrence, but with a collaborative effort between your vet, your local exterminators, and these pest control tips, we can help keep Orlando safe for our fluffy friends.

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Orlando’s Flea Identification Guide

From a distance, fleas are very hard to identify, since these pests are quite small – even for pests. Nonetheless, there are a few key traits that make fleas stand out from other insects.
Fleas are wingless insects with hard, dark bodies. They are mostly flat, making them hard to squish or control. Most fleas only grow to about ⅛ of an inch in length, and though they have six legs, you will probably only see their strong back legs, which the flea can use to launch itself several feet into the air.
A common misconception is that fleas fly, but they are airborne precisely because of their strong legs. You may see fleas jump in the wild or even from animal to animal, which is why these pests transmit themselves so easily, even from a distance.
Because fleas can spread so quickly, they are a problem for both animals and humans. Fleas don’t just harm your pets’ health, they harm your health as well.

Are Fleas Dangerous In Orlando? 

Fleas are more than a nuisance, they can be quite dangerous. The most obvious problem associated with fleas is the spread of tapeworm, a parasite that can grow in the intestinal tracts of both humans and animals. Tapeworms, if left untreated, can cause serious digestive problems and nutritional deficiencies, as they absorb the nutrients from your food.
Additionally, since fleas bite their hosts, they can spread other kinds of diseases. For example, at least two periods of the bubonic plague were spread by fleas and the rats they infested. Fleas can spread other diseases to your pets as well, causing symptoms from anemia to a heavy fever.
Diseases aside, flea bites are a nuisance of their own. These bites affect both pets and humans, itching in a way that’s very similar to bed bugs.
In short, you don’t want fleas anywhere around your home or pets. While fleas are hard to avoid entirely, you can certainly reduce your risk in a few different ways.

Flea Prevention Tips

Fleas are a problem that starts at home. Most often, fleas migrate to your yard through other wildlife, though they are occasionally picked up if you walk your pet through a forest or private area.
You can prevent the spread of fleas through the following tips:

  • Regular yard maintenance. Sweeping leaves, cutting grass, and trimming hedges will make your lawn less hospitable to fleas.
  • Inspect used goods. Used furniture and rugs often house fleas, bed bugs, and their eggs, so make sure your deliveries are completely clean before bringing them inside.
  • Regularly vacuum. Fleas that don’t stick on your pets will stick to your carpeting unless you keep it regularly vacuumed.
  • Wash bedding. Your bed and your pet's bed will both house fleas if they aren’t regularly cleaned.
  • Consult your veterinarian. Regular check-ups are the best way to ensure your pets have never encountered fleas or flea-borne diseases of any nature.

Because Orlando’s weather is perfect for fleas, they can happen even with regular screenings and preventive measures. If you find your household dealing with a flea problem, let Green Flag Services help you. Our pest experts are ready to clear your property of fleas and the problems they cause, so contact us today, and we’ll make sure your home stays safe for you and your pets.

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