Keeping Silverfish Out Of Your Orlando Home


As we approach the rainy season, there are many tasks on the docket. Checking the roof for weak spots that may allow in rain, getting out rain boots, and shopping for new raincoats are often at the top of the list. However, one to-do no Orlando resident should neglect is preparing for the influx of silverfish.

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What Do Silverfish In Orlando Look Like?

Despite the name, silverfish are not actually fish; they are a species of small, wingless insect. Adult silverfish are grey and shiny with delicate scales or plates covering their body. They are slender, with segmented bodies that taper to a point, giving them the appearance of a silver carrot or, as their name denotes, a silver fish. Silverfish grow up to an inch in length and have a set of antennae protruding from their head and three appendages protruding from their rears. Silverfish are nocturnal, so it is common to come across these insects at night or in dark spaces.

Signs Of Silverfish In Your Orlando House

Silverfish are attracted to dark, damp habitats. They eat a diet high in carbs, starches, and protein, and will often consume much more than you might expect. Silverfish will eat your pantry goods like cereal, rice, and pasta. They will also eat fabric, sugar, cardboard, and pet food, among other human-provided meals. A telltale sign that silverfish have been around are the tiny holes they leave behind in wallpaper, books, cardboard, food goods, etc. Another common sign is droppings, which resemble black pepper. Scales that have been shed and yellow stains are other clues to watch for.

Do Silverfish In Orlando Bite?

While silverfish are certainly unsettling, they are not known to bite humans. Silverfish are not vectors of disease and are not particularly harmful to humans and pets. That being said, their eating habits can cause a lot of damage to your Orlando home.

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your Orlando Home

If you have a silverfish infestation in your Orlando property, it is likely because you have made your home hospitable to them. Reasons your home will attract silverfish include:

  • You leave food or dirty dishes out.
  • You provide dark, moist areas for silverfish to hide. Letting moisture build up in your home, letting leaky pipes go, and not providing ample lighting to spaces like the attic or basement can attract silverfish.
  • You have clutter that is rarely disturbed, providing a safe space for them.

There are many silverfish traps on the market for any Orlando homeowner who is battling these pests already, but DIY efforts rarely result in eliminating an infestation. The very best way to handle a silverfish infestation is to call in the pros. We at Green Flag Services offer a wide range of eco-friendly pest control solutions for Orlando residents. We are open seven days a week and offer a free quote to ensure that all of your pest control needs are met. For a thorough and eco-friendly approach to silverfish infestations and more, reach out to Green Flag Services today!

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