Norway Rats In Orlando: How To Get Them Out and Keep Them Out


Despite their name, Norway rats are believed to have originated in Asia and traveled to the U.S. aboard ships transporting goods. Commonly referred to as “sewer” rats, Norway rats typically have a brown coat and a gray or white underbelly. Their body length usually ranges from six to ten inches, and they have a blunt nose. Norway rats lack the agility and ability to climb like roof rats; however, they can run, jump, and swim. These creatures have poor vision, but they compensate for this weakness with keen senses of smell and hearing.

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The Dangers That Norway Rats Pose 

As with most rodents, Norway rats tend to be gnawing on things with their incisor teeth constantly. Norway rats can cause electrical problems and may pose fire risks if they chew through wiring that exists in a home. Minor issues with these pests can quickly expand and worsen, as they can have multiple litters of offspring each year. During their travels, rats are exposed to a host of pathogens and parasites. They are known carriers of leptospirosis, tularemia, salmonellosis, and various other harmful concerns. 

How Can I Prevent Them? 

Our team has a few tips to assist you in keeping Norway rats out of your Orlando home:

  • Walk around the property’s exterior to identify any cracks near the base of the structure that has developed and fill these openings with a water-resistant sealant. 

  • Place leftover food in the refrigerator or durable sealed containers, and keep the floors free of crumbs and spills. 

  • Promptly repair leaking spigots or pipes that might provide a source of drinking water for rodents.

  • When taking the trash outside, always place the bags in durable trash cans with functional lids.

The Benefits Of Consulting With A Pest Control Professional 

Many property owners make the mistake of attempting to take matters into their own hands. While these efforts are commendable, they commonly result in further aggravation as pest-related concerns persist. 
Many of these individuals will purchase the traditional snap traps, baiting stations, aerosol sprays, and a host of other options sold in local stores and through online retailers. Unfortunately, most of these products cannot eradicate rodents once they have become more deeply entrenched inside walls, below floorboards, and other hard-to-reach locations. Contacting a seasoned team of local pest control professionals is the best course of action for getting the job done right. 
The technicians with Green Flag Services deploy many of the latest products and technologies currently available in the industry. For Norway rats and other rodents, we often install the ActiveSense system, which was developed by Corteva Agriscience, a cutting-edge product and service organization. ActiveSense allows for remotely monitoring the activity of rodents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
Real-time alerts are detected using remote sensors that can be used indoors or outdoors and continuously check the status of traps. The system is compatible with most electronic devices through the ActiveSense mobile app and web-based portal. The system’s hub has an exclusive connection that is secure and operates independently of your Wi-Fi network. 

Local Provider Of Pest Control Services In Orlando 

Did you know that the experts with Green Flag Services have been delivering positive results for customers throughout Central Florida for more than 50 years now? The formula for our long history of success is no secret, as our team has always remained committed to ensuring our customers receive the highest-quality customer service in the industry. 
In addition to rodents, we are well-equipped to eliminate intrusions involving ants, stinging insects, cockroaches, and a host of other bothersome and potentially harmful creatures. We look forward to speaking with you and encourage you to contact the office today to schedule an onsite inspection.

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