Are The Cockroaches In Orlando Dangerous To Have In My Home?


If you find cockroaches around your home, how worried are you? Maybe you're freaked out because these pests are disgusting, or perhaps you assume they aren't that big of a deal and easy to remove. While most people know that roaches are gross, it's easy to underestimate these creatures. Unfortunately, cockroaches in Orlando are one of the most invasive and potentially dangerous pests.

Discover why cockroaches are so dangerous and get cockroach prevention tips from the home pest control experts in this guide.

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How To Identify Cockroaches In Orlando

Four main species in Orlando get into homes or around properties.

Here is how to identify each of them:

  • German Cockroaches: This common species is the most prevalent in the country. They have two black stripes behind their heads and are brown in color. While only around half an inch long, they're incredibly invasive.
  • Oriental Cockroaches: These roaches are jet black and mostly live outdoors. They love humid areas.
  • American Cockroaches: These large roaches get up to three inches long and are reddish-brown. They are the biggest cockroach in America.
  • Smokybrown Cockroaches: As their name suggests, this species is a brown color and can fly. They are incredibly voracious eaters. 

Florida is ideal for cockroaches to thrive as it's a humid, warm state, so it can be challenging to completely keep roaches out of your home.

Why Are Cockroaches In Orlando Dangerous?

Cockroaches are gross and have a terrible reputation, but cockroaches are also dangerous because they spread so many diseases. They can transmit salmonella, gastroenteritis, dysentery, and more. Some studies show that cockroaches can also trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

But, you might wonder why they are dangerous compared to other more harmless pests. It all has to do with where they hang out. Most cockroaches aren't picky about what they eat and consume everything from food in your pantry to pet feces to trash. They often live on and eat decaying, rotting matter and pick up the germs on their bodies. If they get around your home or into your food, they can transmit these pathogens easily. 

Should You Call Pest Control To Get Rid Of Roaches?

If you have a current cockroach infestation, your question is, what is the best way to remove them? Some people try to eradicate cockroaches, but there are many downsides to this approach. Cockroaches are prolific breeders that can survive on small bits of food. They are incredibly adaptable, and most DIY pest control methods are not effective enough.

On the other hand, professional cockroach control is throughout and uses advanced treatments that kill cockroaches while keeping you and your family safe. With Green Flag Services, you also know you'll get follow-up services to ensure the roach infestation doesn't return. 

How To Keep Roaches From Coming Back

Green Flag Services provides Orlando pest control options that address all common cockroaches in Florida.

You can also help us deter roaches by following some steps that are proven to be effective against them, such as:

  • Place strong lids on all trash cans so these bugs can't get into the garbage.
  • Wipe up any food or drink spills immediately as these pests will consume even tiny crumbs.
  • Seal up small cracks in the walls to keep roaches out.
  • Fix any plumbing leaks and remove standing water from the yard to reduce humidity.
  • Clean up excess clutter on the lawn and around the house.

If you need protection from cockroaches now or in the future, learn how our technicians can help. Call us today to learn more about cockroach control and request a quote. 

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