The Best Way To Get Rid Of Fire Ants From Your Orlando Property


When you think of an ant infestation, you never really think about getting injured, right? Maybe you think of the contamination, and the potential property damage, but no one really talks about getting bitten or stung by ants. One ant species, however, is known for their painful sting, and they could be crawling around your Orlando property.

a fire ant crawling on a patio

Fire ants are nuisance pests that build their mounds in soft soil. One way to distinguish their mound from that of other ant species is the fact that fire ant mounds have no central opening at the top. Most ant species have a hole at the peak of their mound. Here are a few other characteristics to help you identify these fiery pests.

Fire Ants

  • 1/8 - 3/8 inches in length
  • 6 legs and antennae
  • Dark copper/red/brown in color
  • A segmented, oval-shaped body

Are Fire Ant Bites Dangerous?

Getting stung by a fire ant is certainly not a pleasant experience, but it’s seldom serious or fatal. Most people will feel a painful pinching, followed by a burning sensation and intense itching. The itching progressively worsens for a period of a few days, and the welt will typically turn into a white blister.

Some people, however, can have more severe reactions. Certain demographics, like small children and the elderly, are more likely to experience serious consequences. Some unlucky people experience serious swelling, which can require antihistamines and steroids. Then there are other people with severe allergies. They can develop hives, have extreme chest and stomach pains, and experience swelling of the tongue and/or throat. Allergic reactions can lead to difficulty breathing and even anaphylactic shock, in which case an epinephrine shot is needed. These adverse reactions require medical attention and can be fatal in certain instances.

Needless to say, having fire ants is a problem you should avoid at all costs. Being proactive about prevention is always a good idea, but if you already have fire ants, you could be in trouble. These pests are pretty relentless about surviving all kinds of treatments, turning the whole situation into an even bigger nightmare.

Trying To Get Rid Of Fire Ants

In addition to their painful sting, fire ants can be very problematic because they are almost impossible to get rid of. Many property owners try to deal with fire ants on their own, working hard to eliminate a mound or two. The problem is, one or two mounds barely scratches the surface of the infestation. There are bound to be other colonies spread all around your property.

If a colony of fire ants feels threatened, they simply disperse and recolonize somewhere else close by. Say you were to spray the mound or apply some kind of insecticide treatment to eliminate the colony, any surviving ants will just make another mound where the queen can repopulate and create a brand-new colony.

The most reliable way to deal with fire ants is with quality services from the pest professionals. If you think there are any fire ants on your Orlando property, or you simply want to secure preventative protection for the future, give us a call today. Here at Green Flag Services, we are extensively experienced in dealing with Florida fire ants. Once we familiarize ourselves with the nature of the infestation, we customize an ant control treatment plan that caters to you, your property, and your specific fire ant situation. After thoroughly eliminating all fire ant activity from your property, we promise to come back for follow up services throughout the year to make sure you are protected in the future. Contact us to discuss your fire ant control and prevention needs, we look forward to your call.

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