The Best Way To Keep Silverfish Out Of Your Orlando Home


If you’ve lived in Orlando, FL for any amount of time, then you know that the pests around here love Florida’s humidity. As a result, certain pests are a year-round problem for Orlando homeowners, especially silverfish. Silverfish tend to freak out Orlando residents, given their weird, alien-like features. Even though these pests don’t cause immediate danger to you or your family, you’ll still want to keep them out of the house. Let’s discuss what these odd-looking creatures look like and how to keep them out of your Orlando home.

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Orlando’s Silverfish Identification Guide

Because silverfish look so unique, they’re quite easy to identify. Silverfish have teardrop-shaped bodies that grow between 1-2 cm. They have six short legs, body-length antennae, and a shorter tail. They also have two rear “cerci,” or antenna-like structures on their rear that they use to sense what’s behind them.
It’s easy to identify silverfish because their identification is in the name: these pests have a silvery sheen, and they squirm on the floor like a fish out of water. No other pest looks or behaves quite like the silverfish, even in a state as buggy as Florida.
Silverfish can survive in many habitats, but they survive best in humid areas. Florida residents may experience a silverfish problem at any time of the year, including right here in Orlando. While many people know what silverfish look like, what they don’t know is the problems these pests can cause.

Silverfish Problems In Orlando Households

Thankfully, silverfish are mostly a nuisance pest. Despite their odd appearance, silverfish won’t cause alien-like dangers to your household, and they aren’t venomous or highly infectious like other pests in Orlando.
Still, silverfish can cause problems, most ostensibly by ruining your home and belongings. Silverfish snack on sugars and carbs, so it’s possible to find them eating away in your pantry, garden, insulation, plants, books, and even floorboards.
Further, silverfish always scare the people that see them. Even if you’re not scared of silverfish themselves, their odd shape and slithering movements will give any homeowner a spook, especially since they mostly pop out during the evening and at inconvenient times.
Finally, silverfish are hard to catch. Their flat, small bodies are incredibly evasive, and since they only come out at night, it’s hard to spot them during the day. Sugar traps or poisons simply don’t work, since they’re fast, stealthy, and move around your entire home. As a result, these nuisance pests actively burden Orlando residents by being so tricky to remove. Besides, how did they get inside in the first place?

Silverfish Prevention Tips

Orlando homes are easy targets for silverfish due to the high humidity. However, these pests will get in far less frequently if you do the following:

  • Dehumidify. Use a dehumidifier indoors, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Ventilate. Another way to control indoor humidity is by making sure each room receives plenty of air and ventilation.
  • Vacuum. Silverfish often hang around carpeting since it stays cool yet traps humidity. Regular vacuuming helps keep these pests from being a problem.
  • Drain. Standing water outdoors is a surefire way to invite these pests to your property.
  • Seal. Cracks in your home’s exterior are easy entry points for pests, so make sure silverfish can’t get in through your windows, door frames, or utility openings.

When all else fails, the pest control experts at Green Flag Services are here to help! Silverfish are a common problem in Orlando, so if they keep popping up in your home, we’ll come right over to remove these alien pests. Contact us today for professional silverfish removal or any other pests you may have!

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