The Best Form Of Mosquito Control For Your Orlando Property


Is there a more obnoxious pest to swarm your property than a mosquito? They buzz incessantly, they constantly fly around your head and face, and they bite, leaving itchy welts. Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying, though? That’s right, they’re dangerous, too! 

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Mosquitoes are considered to be one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. This is because mosquitoes can transmit a number of harmful bloodborne illnesses as they feed on a variety of hosts. If you want to keep you and your family safe from these dangerous pests, you need to know the effective mosquito control options that you can count on to keep obnoxious mosquitoes away from your Orlando property.

Mosquito Need-To-Knows

Mosquitoes are small, fly-like insects with six long, slender legs, wings, and tube-like mouthparts for feeding. While everyone knows that mosquitoes can bite, causing itchy red welts, most don’t know that it is only the female mosquitoes that do so. Male mosquitoes, instead, feed on nectar and other sweet substances. Female mosquitoes feed on the blood of animals because they require a certain enzyme found in blood to produce viable eggs. Female mosquitoes also need standing water to lay their eggs upon.

Mosquitoes are considered to be one of the most dangerous animals on the plant due to the various bloodborne illnesses they can spread. They have been known to transmit include West Nile virus, Zika virus, various forms of encephalitis, La Crosse, dengue, and yellow fever.

DIY Mosquito Prevention

Because mosquitoes are so annoying and dangerous, many people opt to take mosquito control into their own hands with varying and often disappointing results. That’s because some DIY mosquito control solutions are more effective while others are not so much.

Effective methods for mosquito control on your Orlando property includes removing all areas of standing water from around your yard. This means filling in holes and low-lying areas where rain might collect. You also shouldn’t keep any bins or upturned lids that might collect water anywhere on your property. It is also important to make sure your gutters are clear of any debris so that they do not clog and flood.

In addition to removing areas of standing water, another effective form of mosquito control involves maintaining your lawn and property. This means you should keep your lawn well-manicured, trim back vegetation and bushes around your property, and pick up any organic yard waste and debris from around your property.

While these methods have been proven to help lower mosquito populations, there are some other methods of mosquito control that aren’t so effective. These typically include products that you might buy at the store such as candles, torches, and some sprays. By and large, these products tend to be a waste of money.

Green Flag Services’ Mosquito Control Program

Even if you opt for the more effective DIY mosquito control options, you could still find yourself dealing with innumerable mosquitoes on your Orlando property. That’s why we here at Green Flag Services offer an effective and environmentally safe mosquito control program.

While other pest control companies may rely on mosquito fogging, we believe in protecting the environment and other animals in the area that fogging can harm. That’s why our program consists of applying final feed mosquito bait to your property to knock down mosquito populations around your property. Two weeks later, we install the In2Care System, a mosquito control system designed to target both adult and larval mosquitoes around your property. We will then perform monthly maintenance on the system to be certain it is working effectively.

Contact Green Flag Services

Don’t let mosquitoes keep you from enjoying your Orlando property. Give us a call here at Green Flag Services and ask about our Mosquito Control Program today. After all, it is your yard, not the mosquitoes. Contact us now.

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