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Effective Pest Control Services In Winter Park, FL

Winter Park is a gorgeous city near Orlando and is known for its many outdoor spaces, beautiful flowers, and abundant gardens. Despite the many reasons why residents enjoy living in Winter Park, one of the downsides is that many pests also consider this area home and have no problem invading your property. Keep pests away from your home or business by turning to the professionals here at Green Flag Services for excellent residential and commercial pest control services. As a locally owned and operated pest control provider, we understand the unique pressures invading pests cause. All of our pest management services utilize eco-friendly products to eliminate pests without harming your family, pets, or the environment. Trust Green Flag Services with your pest control needs by partnering with us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Winter Park, FL

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Pests are a part of life, no matter where you live. However, that doesn’t mean you should have to share your Winter Park home with pests. Not only are pests capable of inflicting extensive and costly damage to your property, but they’re also a serious threat to your health. Keep pests out of your home and away from your family by reaching out to the skilled pest technicians here at Green Flag Services. All of our residential pest control plans are eco-friendly and include certified biodegradable products that are child and pet-safe. Our general pest control plans cover a wide variety of pests, including wasps, cockroaches, spiders, earwigs, ants, and silverfish. Contact Green Flag Services today for more information about all of our residential pest control options

Commercial Pest Control In Winter Park, FL

If even one customer spots mice, cockroaches, or other pests in your Winter Park commercial facility, it can lead to disaster. Invading pests can cause serious problems for your business, such as damaging important equipment and inventory, spreading all kinds of harmful bacteria, contaminating food items, and putting the health of your customers and employees at risk. Maintaining a pest-free environment within your commercial facility is often difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. The professionals here at Green Flag Services are proud to provide affordable, reliable, and eco-friendly pest control services that will protect your Winter Park business year-round. Whether you own a daycare, hotel, office building, restaurant, healthcare facility, or other business, Green Flag Services has the skill and experience needed to eliminate your pest problems in no time at all. Don’t wait for pests to threaten the success of your Winter Park business. Instead, get in touch with Green Flag Services today to request your free inspection. 

Problems Rodents Cause In Winter Park, FL

Rodents are small, furry mammals found in many areas throughout the United States. These common pests invade Winter Park homes and businesses as they forage for sources of food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, rodents can find everything they need to survive on your property. Once rodents have gotten into your home or business, they can cause serious problems. 

  • Rodents chew on just about everything. All rodents have strong front teeth that never stop growing. In order to prevent their teeth from becoming too long, invading rodents often chew on pipes, wires, personal belongings, structural beams, drywall, and furniture. This constant chewing behavior can also lead to electrical shortages, floods, and house fires. 

  • Rodents spread a wide range of disease-causing bacteria. When rodents get into your home or business, they spread harmful bacteria onto your counters, food items, and food-prep areas. A few of the diseases rodents spread include hantavirus, rat-bite fever, salmonellosis, and plague. 

  • Rodents often become aggressive when cornered or provoked. Although mice, rats, and other common rodents are small, they can inflict painful bites and scratches when they feel threatened. 

The best way to control and prevent rodent infestations is by implementing a rodent control plan from Green Flag Services. Give us a call today to learn more about how we handle rodent infestations. 

Six Ways To Prevent Bed Bug Infestations in Winter Park, FL

Bed bugs are irritating pests that feed on the blood of humans and animals, though they prefer human blood. These small, reddish-brown insects travel from one location to another by hitching rides on your bags and clothing. To avoid bringing bed bugs into your Winter Park home or business, keep the following bed bug prevention tips in mind:

  • Avoid setting down your bags and belongings on the floor in public areas.

  • Never bring used furniture or mattresses into your home. 

  • Keep your clothing stored in vacuum-sealed bags when you travel.

  • After traveling, wash and dry your clothes on the highest heat setting possible to eliminate any bed bugs that may have hitched a ride home. 

  • Always inspect your hotel or motel room for signs of bed bug activity. 

  • Vacuum your rugs and carpets frequently. 

The best way to handle a bed bug infestation is with the help of a licensed professional. Reach out to Green Flag Services today for immediate assistance with your bed bug control needs. 


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