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Effective Pest Control Services In Oviedo, FL

When pests get into your Oviedo home or business, your best option is to reach out to Green Flag Services. As a locally-owned pest control provider with more than 55 years of pest control experience, Green Flag Services has what it takes to ensure your property remains free of nuisance and dangerous pests year-round. We provide eco-friendly and pet-safe pest control solutions to protect your property without damaging the environment. With our skilled pest professionals by your side, pests don’t stand a chance! Give us a call today to ask about all of the commercial and residential pest control services we have to offer.

Residential Pest Control In Oviedo, FL

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As a homeowner, it’s your top priority to ensure your Oviedo home and family are protected from harm. However, invading pests can get into your residential property and endanger your family by contaminating food items, spreading diseases, and damaging personal belongings. At Green Flag Services, we understand that every pest problem requires a unique solution, which is why we always base our treatment methods around the needs of your home. If you’re ready to get rid of common household pests, the professionals here at Green Flag Services have you covered. Our home pest control plans will protect your Oviedo home from pests such as ants, wasps, occasional invaders, rodents, cockroaches, spiders, and more! Contact us today to learn more about our effective residential pest control services

Commercial Pest Control In Oviedo, FL

Successful businesses are built on the foundation of trust, hard work, and satisfied customers. However, if pests invade your Oviedo commercial facility, they can destroy that foundation in the blink of an eye. Pests can scare away your customers, damage your inventory, and ruin your reputation. The only way to protect your Oviedo business from pests is to partner with Green Flag Services and put into place a commercial pest control plan. We understand how quickly pest problems can affect your company, which is why our commercial pest control services work to quickly eliminate pest problems at their source. Whether you’re looking for general pest management services or specific pest treatments, Green Flag Services has it all! Ask for more details about our eco-friendly commercial pest control solutions by contacting us today. 

Why Oviedo, FL Residents Need Professional Rodent Control

Although there is a wide range of pests that can invade your Oviedo property throughout the year, rodents are still one of the most common household pests. These furry creatures are easily recognized by their long constantly-growing front teeth. Although mice and rats might not look like much of a threat, they can damage your personal property and pose serious health risks when they invade. To protect your home or business from rodents, don’t hesitate to contact the pest control experts here at Green Flag Services. We are proud to offer a wide selection of rodent control methods, such as baiting, trapping, and exclusion work. Our rodent control services are designed to resolve most rodent problems within two to three weeks, though we also provide ongoing rodent monitoring as well. Reach out to Green Flag Services today for more information about how we control and prevent rodent infestations. 

How To Identify Signs Of Termite Activity Around Your Oviedo, FL property

Termites are found throughout the United States, though they are most common in warm, humid climates. These small, white insects live in large colonies that can contain anywhere between 60,000 to 2 million individual termites. Termite colonies are dividing into a caste system that consists of three main castes: workers, soldiers, and reproductives. Worker termites make up about 98% of all termites within the colony and they are responsible for building tunnels, feeding their young, and repairing the nest. Soldier termites are the largest termites and their goal is to defend their colonies from potential threats. And finally, reproductive termites are winged and are responsible for establishing new colonies. 

Termites cause damage over time, which means it’s important to identify their presence so you can receive professional help right away. If termites are living in or around your property, there are a few signs of infestation to look for:

  • Termite swarmers flying around the exterior of your Oviedo property.

  • Shed wings around your doors and windowsills, discarded after termite swarmers find a suitable location for their nests.

  • Mud tubes climbing up the sides of your walls.

  • Cracks in your ceiling.

  • Sticking windows and doors.

  • Bowing, squeaky, or spongy floorboards.

Left undetected, termites can cause significant damage to the structural integrity of your home or business. Green Flag Services has what it takes to keep your Oviedo property protected from many pests, including termites. Get in touch with our skilled pest technicians today for more information about our termite control services or to schedule your free termite inspection.


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