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Effective Pest Control Services In New Smyrna, FL

Located just south of Daytona Beach, the town of New Smyrna, FL is every beach-lover's dream. We’re right on the beautiful Atlantic coastline, and we get to enjoy the year-round pleasant climate of the wonderful state of Florida. The conditions aren’t only attractive to us, however. They are also conducive to pest activity, meaning your New Smyrna property is susceptible to the nightmare of pest infestation. If you want to protect your home or business from infestation, you should rely on the pest experts.
Here at Green Flag Services, we’ve been servicing properties throughout the Daytona Beach area since 2017. Our team of pest experts is extensively experienced in the successful detection and elimination of common Florida pests, and we work hard to bring you lasting, pest-free results that you can rely on all year long. Whatever your pest problem, we guarantee 100% pest protection or your money back. Give us a call to discuss your residential and commercial pest control needs today.

Residential Pest Control In New Smyrna, Florida

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If you want to guard your New Smyrna home from the dangers of pest infestation, there’s really only one way to go. Your best bet is to secure ongoing services from the pest professionals. That’s the only guaranteed way to effectively protect your property from the detriments of infestation. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We provide complete residential pest control solutions to over 100 homes in the area, and we’re expanding the Green Flag family.
Our general home pest control plans cover a long list of household pests like ants, silverfish, spiders, wasps, roaches, earwigs, and many others. After completing a detailed inspection, our pest technicians will identify the nature of the infestation, and then come up with a customized treatment plan made just for you. Once treatment is completed, we’ll return bi-monthly to maintain your pest-free conditions throughout the year. Reach out to us today to get started.

Commercial Pest Control In New Smyrna, Florida

The best way to protect your New Smyrna business from pest activity is to call in the experts. The large-scale repercussions of commercial pest infestation are too serious to ignore, which is why we highly recommend regular services from the team at Green Flag Services. Our commercial pest control services cover a wide range of businesses and facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, office spaces, daycares, hotels, restaurants, and rental properties.
Our team begins by inspecting the premises to accurately identify all pest activity and conducive conditions. We take special note of harborage sites, nests, webs, and entry points, and we concentrate on common commercial problem areas like kitchens, break rooms, warehouse storage spaces, and locations with excess moisture. No matter what kind of pest problem you’re dealing with, we’re here to help. We also offer emergency and same-day services to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

The Dangers Of Rodent Infestation In New Smyrna, Florida

Rodents aren’t just upsetting to see, they can also cause serious issues in your home or business. Rodents negatively impact the health and safety of everyone on the property, and the consequences can be quite serious. Here are some adverse effects of rodent infestation that property owners should keep in mind:

  • Can bring other pests into your home

  • Can bite and transmit diseases

  • Chew through and contaminate insulation

  • Gnaw through electrical wiring

  • Leave trail droppings of excrement

  • Scamper inside of wall voids

  • Cause serious structural damage

  • Weaken construction

  • Spread widespread contamination

Obviously, reliable rodent control and prevention services are absolutely essential. Here at Green Flag Services, we provide comprehensive rodent control solutions that protect you and your property from these negative consequences. Call us today to discuss your rodent control needs and how we can be of service.

Consequences Of Termite Damage In New Smyrna, Florida

Termites are often misidentified as ants, since they look similar, but they’re actually much more dangerous. Termites are wood-eating pests that feed on the structural timbers of your property, weakening the construction from the inside out. Termite damage is a serious threat that all property owners should be wary of. These pests feed on cellulose, most notably wood. As they feed on and build their colonies inside your wooden structure, the entire building is damaged, rotted, and eroded over time.
The NPMA estimates that United States home and business owners spend $5 billion dollars every single year on termite repair and prevention costs. Termite damage isn’t included in most homeowner’s insurance plans. That means that the already high costs of termite damage can become even higher. The best way to protect your property from the detriments of termite infestation is to call in the professionals right away. The team at Green Flag Services offers you complete termite control and prevention services that you can rely on all year long. Call us today.


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