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As the county seat of Volusia County, there's no arguing that DeLand, FL, has a reputation to uphold. Nuisance pest activity and a respectable reputation just don't mix, so you need to be aware of the very real possibility of pest infestations. Central Florida's humid climate attracts pests throughout the year, and your DeLand property is at risk of being invaded. Your best protection is regular services from the pest professionals.

Green Flag Services is here for you. We are a locally owned and operated pest control company with over 55 years of combined experience. We've been servicing homes and businesses in the Greater Orlando Metro area since 2017. We're so confident in our ability to make your property pest-free that we offer a money-back guarantee. Our pest solutions are always safe for the environment and safe for your pets.

Whatever type of pest situation you've got on your hands, Green Flag Services is ready to help! We work hard to keep Central Florida pest-free, and your complete satisfaction is always our number one priority. Start protecting your DeLand property from infestations, and call us today to set up an initial inspection.

Home Pest Control In DeLand, FL

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Your DeLand home is your safe-haven, and nuisance pests have no place in your space. The smartest thing you can do is to get professional pest protection if you want to effectively guard your home and your loved ones from the threat of a pest infestation. Green Flag Services provides complete residential pest control solutions to over 100 homes in the area, and we're always taking on new clients.

Our year-round home service plans cover your property from a wide range of household pests, including cockroaches, wasps, fire ants, silverfish, earwigs, spiders, and many others. After a thorough inspection, our team of certified pest professionals will perform the appropriate treatments to the interior and exterior, targeting the pest problem at its core.

After we finish the treatment, we will return bi-monthly to maintain your pest-free conditions. Whatever your residential pest control needs are, we promise lasting results you can feel good about. We offer emergency and same-day services to meet your needs, and our guaranteed re-service policy means that if pests return between scheduled visits, we'll come back to re-treat at no extra charge. Call us today to get started.

Commercial Pest Control In DeLand, FL

Owning a business is a round-the-clock job. You have so much on your plate, the last thing in the world you need to think about is the threat of a pest infestation. Unfortunately, your DeLand property is irresistible to Florida's nuisance pests, and if you want to see a future for your business, you need professional pest protection.

Our commercial pest control services protect a long list of facilities from pest activity. From hospitals and hotels to restaurants, rental properties, and office spaces, we do it all. Green Flag Service's qualified team of pest experts treats common commercial problem areas like kitchens, break rooms, warehouse storage spaces, and locations with excess moisture. We specialize in commercial bird control, lawn fertilization, and fly treatments, and no matter the nature of your pest infestation, we guarantee effective services you can count on.

If you want to protect your business, your reputation, and your employees and customers from the dangers of pest activity, the smartest thing you can do is to contact that professionals at Green Flag Services. We have extensive experience in the successful detection and elimination of commercial pest problems, and we offer year-round follow-up services to bring you the continued protection you deserve.

5 Common Signs Of Rodent Activity In Your DeLand, FL Home

No one wants to discover rodents in their home. It's an upsetting experience that we wouldn't wish upon anyone, but unfortunately, it happens. Your DeLand home is every rodent's dream. With all the sources of moisture, food, and shelter on your property, they're eager to get inside, and they can be pretty sneaky about doing it.

Here are five common signs of rodent activity to watch out for:

1. Scampering and scratching noises coming from inside the walls at night

2. Marks of gnawing and rubbing along the walls and baseboards

3. Droppings found around active areas

4. Indications of chewing on food packaging

5. Nesting materials strewn about like shredded paper, fabric, dried plant matter, etc.

If you notice any of these signs, contact the team at Green Flag Services today. The sooner you're able to catch a rodent infestation, the sooner we can treat it and prevent it from spreading. Rodents reproduce rapidly, which is why getting ahead of the problem is so crucial. Call us to discuss your rodent control needs today.

What Every DeLand, FL Property Owner Ought To Know About Termites

They may be tiny, but they're no small problem. Termites are wood-eating pests. When they get inside of your DeLand home or business, they can cause widespread damage that destroys your property and puts everyone inside the structure at risk.

Because termites feed on and tunnel through wood, they weaken the construction over time until it is completely rotten, eroded, and unlivable. Termite damage can be extremely costly, and most homeowners' insurance doesn't cover the repairs. That's why being proactive in your prevention efforts is so important.

For comprehensive termite control that you can depend on all year long, call us today. Green Flag Services offers trusted termite solutions that protect your property from structural damage by thoroughly exterminating all of these tiny wood-eaters from your space. Contact us to schedule your extensive inspection.


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