What To Do About Bees On Your Orlando, FL Property


Bees may be relatively small, but they are still very frightening. Anyone visiting your Orlando home or business is likely to back away if they see the bugs in the air. No one wants to deal with a venomous sting and possibly be sent to the hospital.

It’s hard to control bees because they thrive in natural environments. The good news is that there are still ways to ward them off. You should start by learning more about local species, so you’ll know how to tackle them specifically. Green Flag Services can certainly help you in the process. 

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What Bees Are Common in Orlando? What Are the Risks?

Honey, carpenter, and bumblebees are dominant in the city. Honey bees are 0.59 of an inch long. Brown or yellow stripes adorn their black or brown skin. When they feed, it’s usually on plant pollen and nectar. As you might guess, they spend a great deal of time making honey and forming nests out of their gland wax. Should you be stung by a honey bee, you’ll experience localized redness, pain, and itching. With critical allergic reactions, fainting, nausea, and death may occur.

Carpenter bees are sizable, being 0.98 of an inch long. They have metallic bodies that are greenish-black, purple-blue, black, or blue, with yellow marks. Structures can be damaged by these pests, as they go after unfinished or weathered wood. You may also see them hovering over yard furniture, doors, windowsills, patios, and roof eaves. An infestation is active if you encounter the following:

  • Loads of tiny holes in wood and foundations
  • Fecal stains and particles near their entry holes
  • Heaps of sawdust and pollen under their drillings
  • Spotting carpenter bees

The black 0.50 to 1 inch long frames of bumblebees are decorated with orange, red, or yellow stripes. They tend to stay close to the ground by crevices in siding, organic matter, and animal burrows. Female bugs are the ones to attack, and they can do so many times in a short period. Severe physical or allergic reactions are known to happen.

While bees look similar to many other pests, they are indeed different. Typically, they are hairier and more round. Despite the issues they bring, they are needed to uphold the ecosystem with their pollination and feeding actions. 

What Can Be Done to Prevent Orlando Bees?

Preventative methods for bees must be maintained throughout the year. Trying to address their populations after they’ve been established is extremely difficult. You won’t be able to stop natural elements from being attractive to these insects, but you can keep them from being abundantly available on your property:

  • Regularly mow the grass and trim the greenery, Get rid of organic debris.
  • Make sure plants and flowers are at least two feet away from the property.
  • Don’t overseed or overwater greenery.
  • Clean out gutters and vents on a routine basis.
  • See to it that lawn furniture, roof eaves, and porches remain neat.
  • Paint or varnish unfinished and weathered wood.
  • Seal cracks in foundations, windows, and doors.  
  • Use canisters with secure lids for food and garbage storage.

How Will Green Flag Services Handle Orlando Bees?

Lots of people believe that removing a bee nest without getting hurt is easy. They often will spray a pesticide from a distance, thinking that’s all there is to it. This is far from true. Retail products may anger the bugs. A seemingly empty cocoon could have a few left over. Contact us at Green Flag Services instead. Our expert technicians will use advanced tools and eco-friendly treatments to solve your problem. Perimeter barriers will be set to prevent future intrusions. Call us today for a free inspection and get started on effective home pest control!

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