Answering Orlando's Most Commonly Asked Ant Questions


Do you have questions about ants? Many people do. These insects love to build nests inside and around homes and regularly cause problems for homeowners. To help you better understand the ants in Orlando, here are some answers to commonly asked questions. If you would rather have solutions before answers, call our team at Green Flag Services. We offer fast ant control treatments to remove these annoying pests from homes and properties.

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Where Do Ants Find Their Food?

What do ants eat? Most ants that invade homes here in Orlando will eat what you eat. Some types of ants will even eat what you don’t eat, namely what you throw in the trash. To find food, colonies will send scout ants into area homes. These scouts are in charge of finding sources of food and moisture. Once they find something tasty, they will crawl back to their colony, leaving a pheromone trail behind them. Worker ants use this trail to locate the food or beverage and will then work together to carry it back to the nest. Some common areas these pests look for food indoors include under furniture, around kitchens, and inside pet food bowls. 

What Are The Different Roles In Ant Colonies?

Ants are social insects that are incapable of living alone for long periods. Within each colony, there are members that serve different roles. The main three roles are workers, soldiers, and reproductives. Workers are in charge of finding and gathering food as well as creating nests. Soldiers work hard to protect the colony from predators and are typically larger than workers. Finally, there are reproductive members. Each colony has at least one queen. Some kinds of ants, like fire ants, have multiple queens. (Species with multiple queens are hard to treat as they are prone to split when faced with danger.) 

What Happens If You Interrupt Ant Ant Trail?

Have you ever seen ants crawling through your home in a line? They do this for a reason. When scouts invade and find food, they leave invisible pheromone trails back to their nest. These invisible trails are what workers follow in and out of your home. When you disrupt a trail, ants will do their best to reconnect the path. A simple object in the way is not too difficult to get past. It is only when a cleaning solution is used that ants start having a hard time situating themselves. We recommend removing the source of food they are eating and cleaning up the trail with a bleach-based solution. This, of course, is only a short-term solution and will not help keep future ants at bay. As long as scouts have a way into your home, they will come indoors regularly and search for snacks. The only way to guarantee ants stay out is to invest in some form of professional pest control.

Professional Ant Control Simply Made For Orlando Homes

When it comes to ant control in Orlando, you will have a hard time finding a company more dedicated to your care than Green Flag Services. We work hard to ensure that our treatments are top-tier and that our customer service is unbeatable. Do you want to join our pest care family? We would be happy to assess the problems you are facing with ants and offer both a short and long-term solution for these pests.

Call now if you want to invest in ant pest control or if you have questions about general pest control in Orlando. Let us answer questions you have and find a pest care option that best fits your home’s needs.

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