Warning Signs That Your Orlando Home Has Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are common household pests throughout most parts of the country today. Bed bugs are creatures that primarily consume the blood of humans—typically while their victims are asleep. Unlike ticks, mosquitoes, and several other types of pests that target humans, they are unlikely to spread diseases.

Are you detecting signs of bed bug activity in your home? Promptly contact an Orlando bed bug exterminator for help with these bothersome pests. A licensed Orlando pest control company employs a team of skilled technicians who understand how to identify and remove these insects from the premises.

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Why Bed Bug Infestations Can Be Difficult To Identify

Bed bug infestations often begin as relatively minor intrusions which soon worsen. During the daytime, homeowners will not likely encounter live bugs, as these pests are primarily nocturnal and remain hidden. Under the cover of darkness, these tiny insects will emerge to consume a blood meal.

Bed bugs have sensory capabilities that detect the carbon dioxide and heat that humans emit. Here, these pests rely on their six legs to crawl toward the location of their victims. Unlike most household pests that consume foods found in kitchen areas, bed bugs typically hide in the bedroom areas of a home.

Based on the challenges in verifying that an infestation involving bed bugs exists, local property owners should initially contact an expert regarding a bed bug inspection in Orlando.  

Five Warning Signs That Could Mean You Have Bed Bugs

What are some likely indicators homeowners might notice when bed bugs are inside their homes?

Consider these five most common signs:

  1. Bed bugs are generally visible to the naked eye and have a reddish-brown appearance that resembles an apple seed.
  2. Bite victims usually will notice small red and itchy spots on their skin.
  3. As infestations worsen, an unpleasant odor is often detectable in bedroom areas.
  4. Look for small, red blood stains or dark smears of waste on sheets, pillowcases, and other bedding materials.
  5. Bed bugs usually leave remnants in areas around the bed, such as tiny, broken eggshells and shed skin.

These five indicators are generally an effective means of confirming the presence of these undesirable creatures; however, having an onsite property assessment performed by a professional exterminator for bed bugs is the best way of knowing for sure.

Why Bed Bugs Aren't Just Found In Bedrooms

After feeding, bed bugs typically retreat into hiding. Some common places where these creatures hid include below or behind walls or baseboards, within piles of clothing, or beneath furniture.

Bed bugs in your Orlando home might spread into other areas and rooms. In multi-unit buildings, bed bugs often navigate their way into adjacent apartments.

Bed bugs in Orlando are resilient pests. Relatively minor intrusions involving these tiny insects typically worsen; therefore, having assistance from a local pest management expert is the best option for safe bed bug treatment and ensuring complete bed bug removal.

Essential Bed Bug Prevention Tips For Orlando Homeowners

Who should I contact regarding professional bed bug control in Orlando?  Green Flag Services is a leading local provider of solutions for bed bug-related concerns for customers in this region.

Our team has an array of options for safely expelling bed bugs from the premises quickly. For example, we now use Aprehend, a natural product that clings to these tiny pests, effectively transferring to other home bugs. This professional bed bug product is fast-acting, usually eliminating these insects in as little as four days.

Contact our office today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Orlando. Keep in mind that our staff is usually available for fast, same-day responses for those with immediate needs for pest-related problems.

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