Should I Be Worried About Fire Ants In Orlando?


Fire ants and fire ant bites can be troublesome in the Orlando area. Fortunately, with proper fire ant treatment and pest control in Orlando, you don’t need to worry as much about encountering this pest.

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What Do Fire Ants Look Like?

Fire ants are easily recognized due to their red body coloration, ranging between a brighter red and a reddish-brown or red-black color. They grow between an eighth and a quarter of an inch long and have two bumps around their waist in addition to a stinger on the end of their body. 

Fire ant mounds are also fairly distinctive as these are built in visible, sunny locations and can grow up to 24 inches across and 18 inches high, with smaller mounds being approximately 10 inches across and six inches high.

How Dangerous Are Fire Ant Bites?

Though fire ants are not considered one of the deadliest pests to have around, their bites can be quite dangerous in certain circumstances. To begin with, fire ant bites can be painful no matter who you are; the initial sting and intense pain quickly fade away into an itching that may swell up and stay as a welt for several days. Additionally, fire ants are very aggressive and will waste no time swarming and biting an individual if they feel their nest is threatened; this can add up to many bites in a short amount of time.

Most people will recover from fire ant bites without issue. Still, those who are very young, the elderly, or those with pre-existing allergies and medical conditions may need medical attention after receiving bites from fire ants.

Is It Possible To Have An Allergic Reaction To Fire Ants?

It can be a rare side effect of a fire ant bite, but it is possible to have an allergic reaction to fire ants. Fire ant bites can trigger anaphylaxis in those who have pre-existing allergy issues and even in those who don’t, thanks to the number of times a fire ant colony will bite its victim when attacking. Signs of anaphylaxis include trouble breathing and difficulty swallowing; individuals exhibiting these signs should seek medical attention immediately. 

And if you want to avoid fire ant bite allergic reactions, you should be eliminating this pest from your property altogether. Green Flag Services can help you take care of fire ants in Orlando, so you don’t risk these negative consequences.

Fire Ant Prevention Tips For Orlando Residents

If you want to know how to naturally get rid of fire ants, you can follow the prevention tips below. In addition to professional fire ant treatment in Orlando, these steps can keep this pest far away from you.

  • Refrain from leaving food and drinks outside and inside, especially sugary items, as these are major fire ant attractors. Also, cover the trash and remove outdoor pet food.
  • Keep your yard clear of debris and raked. Ensure the grass stays trimmed low and there is proper outdoor drainage, making the area less hospitable.
  • Prevent fire ants from moving inside by putting window and doors screens and weather stripping into place around your property.

And remember, for any ongoing infestation of fire ants, reach out to Green Flag Services for more assistance. Our professionals will be able to eliminate your fire ant infestation and keep you safe from this pest year-round.

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