Professional Black Widow Spider Extermination: Peace Of Mind For Orlando Homeowners


Black widow spiders are among the most feared and most dangerous arachnids in North America. These menacing pests can cause no end of stress and anxiety if they invade your home, so it’s important that you learn how to keep them away.

In this article, we’ll talk about the basics of black widow spider pest control in Orlando, Florida. You’ll learn about the distinct markings and other characteristics that can help you identify these spiders, the risks of a black widow spider’s bite, and why it’s usually best to hire a professional pest control company to help you get rid of them for good. Our team at Green Flag Services is here to help you deal with these pests quickly and decisively.

Finally, we’ll discuss how to keep black widow spiders from returning to your home once we remove them.

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Distinctive Markings: How To Identify A Black Widow Spider

First, let’s talk about how to identify and recognize black widow spiders when you see one. Fortunately, black widow spiders have a distinct look that is easily recognized and differentiated from other spiders. Black widows have shiny black bodies with two red triangles on the underside of their abdomens. These triangles often meet to form an hourglass shape; this is the black widow’s most distinctive feature. Immature black widow spiders are orange and white, but their bodies turn black as they mature. Including their legs, black widows are usually between 1 3/8 to 1 1/2 inches long. Black widow spiders have eight legs and eight simple eyes.

Now that you know the essential features to look out for when identifying black widows, let’s talk about the health risks these potentially deadly spiders pose.

Black Widow Spider Bites: Understanding The Potential Health Risks

Black widow spiders are one of the two most venomous spiders in the United States, the other being the brown recluse. Their venom is far more dangerous than that of most other spiders. Female black widows are more likely to bite than males, and even then, they usually bite in self-defense. Black widow spider bites can be quite painful, generally reaching their maximum in the first one to three hours. This pain can linger for up to three days. Fever, nausea, high blood pressure, difficulty breathing, and muscle aches are common.

If a black widow spider bites you, you should get medical treatment since doing so makes fatalities unlikely.

Black Widow Spider Removal: Hiring Experts For Safe Elimination

One of the best ways to keep yourself and your family safe from the threat of black widow spiders in Orlando is to set up preventative measures. Here are a few practical tips for keeping black widows away:

  • Get rid of clutter in basements, attics, and garages.
  • Use a broom to get rid of spiderwebs.
  • Wear heavy gloves when moving items stored for a long time.
  • Make sure all screens on windows and doors are in working condition.

Following the advice above should help deter black widow spiders from your home. If you want to keep these spiders out of your house for good, it’s usually best to contact a pest control professional.

Black Widow Spider Prevention Tips: Keeping Your Home Spider-Free

For years, Green Flag Services has been helping local homeowners in Orlando with pests of all kinds. We have over 65 years of combined experience in the industry and offer eco-friendly, environmentally safe pest control options that you can count on. We even have a money-back guarantee on our services.

We’re the best black widow spider exterminators in Orlando. Contact Green Flag Services today for more information about our residential and commercial pest control services in Orlando.

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