How To Best Prevent Rodents From Entering Your Orlando Home


Rodents are four-legged creatures that represent the largest single group of mammals. They exist in most of the world except for Antarctica and a few others. Many have a common characteristic involving their teeth, as all types have incisors in the front that grow continuously.

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Rodent Types

Because of these overgrown teeth, rodents are constantly chewing on things to erode their size. This gnawing is particularly concerning when they are chewing on materials located in your Orlando home. Some of the most common types of rodents in this region include: 

  • Roof rats: A roof rat has fur that appears in dark brown, black, or grey shades and regularly exceeds 12 inches in length with their tail included. They are excellent climbers who can access a structure’s roof and enter the property through openings on upper floors. 

  • Norway rats: Often referred to as sewer rats, Norway rats are smaller than roof rats, lack their ability to climb, and have brown fur. 

  • House mice: Mice are much smaller than rats, enabling them to enter homes through tiny openings. House mice often appear in shades of brown or grey and can produce multiple litters of offspring per year.

How Are Rodents Entering My Home? 

Rodents are omnivores that will access a home through cracks near the foundation and gaps around windows or doors when they detect the presence of food and water. Once indoors, they prefer interior walls, attics, and crawlspaces where they can often be heard rummaging through at night. 

Tips For Preventing Them 

Rodents are scavengers that are drawn to food sources. Property owners must prevent access to exterior trash areas, clean up after BBQs or picnics, remove fallen fruits, and avoid feeding pets on decks and patios. Rodents can also infiltrate a home through small entry points; therefore, inspect the exterior for conditions that pose concerns. For example, install door sweeps, seal any crevices, and trim back branches away from the home to prevent roof rats,  

The Advantages Of Seeking Assistance From A Professional 

Some property owners underestimate the potential severity of rodent invasions. These pests tend to reproduce rapidly, and infestations can get out of control in only a few months. 
Avoid trying do-it-yourself home treatment options that are sold through local retailers for addressing problems with rodents. These products are marketed as quick and easy solutions; however, they often generate very mediocre and short-term results. Contacting a professional provider of pest control services in the best course of action when responding to these concerns. 
Green Flag Services now uses the ActiveSense system, which is among the world’s leading options for controlling rodents. The ActiveSense system uses multi-catch traps and monitors the premises 24/7 using remote connectivity. When a rodent triggers the sensors used in the system, the hub transmits a notification immediately. 
ActiveSense integrates well with mobile devices and has proven to be safe, effective, and very durable. The system’s durability is based on a design that remains unaffected by temperature extremes, dust, water, and more. Aside from this system, our professionals will also identify any potential entry points that might result in future rodent intrusions and deploy more traditional treatment options based on the circumstances. 

Team Of Pest Control Professionals In Orlando 

Green Flag Services has been generating results for both residential and commercial customers in this region for decades. Because of our industry-leading customer service, referrals from existing and past customers have allowed us to grow among the leading companies in Central Florida. 
Our staff is available to conduct a detailed interior and exterior property inspection to determine the nature and full extent of the problem. We will then explain the best treatment options and expectations. Rest assured that we always stand behind the quality of our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.

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