The Best Way To Handle An American Roach Problem In Orlando


Orlando’s warm, humid, subtropical climate is great for local residents — and American cockroaches too. They are one of the most frequently encountered pests in the area.

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What Is Different About American Cockroaches?

There are many types of cockroaches, all with different features and characteristics.
Here are some interesting facts about American cockroaches:

  • They are extremely hardy and adaptable. American cockroaches are able to live in almost any environment in the United States, provided they have moisture.
  • They can eat almost anything. Where some house pests have more specific dietary habits, American cockroaches will eat basically everything. In addition to more typical foodstuffs, American cockroaches will also happily feed on paper, book bindings, wallpaper paste, hair, clothes, leather, and cosmetics. They are also perfectly happy with many types of pet food.
  • They can live up to two years. If American cockroaches establish a home in your house, they are going to be there for a while.
  • Your home isn’t their first choice. American cockroaches, unlike many other kinds of pests, would actually prefer to live outside. The things that tend to drive them inside are extremes in weather and the need for food. If they feel the need to move inside, however, they will have no problem making themselves at home.
  • They tend to move in mass migrations. If you see one American cockroach in your home, chances are that several more also had the same idea. This is why roach infestations sometimes seem to come out of nowhere.
  • They are not tidy. In fact, American cockroaches tend to foul any and all foodstuffs they come into contact with. As far as they are concerned, the dirtier their environment, the better, and they have no qualms about messing up your space.

There is a lot to know about American cockroaches, but thankfully there is someone you can rely on to have all the answers. Call Green Flag Services today to get all the answers — and all the help — that you need to deal with pesky bugs.

Can American Cockroaches Fly?

Do cockroaches fly? Some do, and American cockroaches certainly can. Thankfully, they don’t fly far, and generally prefer to move around on their legs. Flying short distances allows them to negotiate terrain, escape predators, and find food and shelter. If disturbed in the home, American cockroaches will generally try to run away at first, but will resort to flying if they have to.

How Big Can American Cockroaches Get?

The American cockroach is among the largest insects — and the largest cockroach — that may be found in Orlando residences. They can reach up to about 1 ½ inch on average, with some specimens reaching up to two inches long. They are big, and they can startle you when you encounter them.

How Can I Remove American Cockroaches and Keep Them Out?

At this point, you’re probably wondering how to kill cockroaches and keep them from returning.

Here are some ways you can deal with American cockroaches in and around your home:

  • Keep clutter and landscaping plants away from the outside of your home.
  • Keep trash cans covered at all times. You see garbage, but roaches see a buffet.
  • Keep all food cleaned up inside the home. Roaches love a good snack.
  • Clean your counters and floors often. Clean areas discourage roaches from settling in.
  • Seal all windows and doors, denying roaches a way to get inside.

Using all of these techniques can do wonders for decreasing the chances that you will have to deal with American cockroaches in your home, but if you do, a call to Green Flag Services will help you successfully deal with the problem.

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