Three Steps You Can Take To Avoid Mosquitoes In Orlando


Have you ever slapped a mosquito just after it finished feeding? The result looks a lot like a tiny murder seen. The only difference is that it isn’t the mosquitoes blood you see. It’s your own. What’s interesting is that it only takes mosquitoes a few seconds to draw blood and buzz away. What’s even more amazing is that it only takes that long to transmit a dangerous disease. If you are worried about dangerous mosquitoes here in Orlando, here are three steps you can use to avoid getting bit.

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The Danger Of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes aren’t just dangerous in third world countries; they are dangerous here in the U.S. as well; the only difference is that we have better access to quality health care. Because of our health care, fewer people get sick, and therefore mosquitoes have fewer vectors (sick people) where they can pick up dangerous diseases. Although this reduces your chances of contracting a disease from a mosquito, it does not eliminate the risk entirely. West Nile virus, the most common mosquito-borne disease in the U.S., saw 2,647 cases and 167 fatalities in 2018.

A Mosquito's Biggest Weaknesses

To better understand how to keep mosquitoes from biting you, you first have to understand their weaknesses. Mosquitoes are very poor flyers. Even the smallest breeze can make landing nearly impossible for these blood-sucking insects.

Mosquitoes have a weird sense of vision. Although they can see in multiple directions simultaneously, they can’t distinguish their prey by sight alone. Most often, mosquitoes will use silhouettes and changes in light to spot their victims.

The last thing you should know about mosquitoes is that they are particular about where they lay eggs. Specifically, they need a pool of still water. If the water has plants covering it, mosquito-eating fish inside of it, or has some way of circulating itself, mosquitoes will be incapable of laying their eggs.

How To Prevent Mosquitoes

You can breakdown mosquito prevention into three categories — population control, self-protection, and deterrents. Here is a short breakdown of each:

Population Control

Mosquitoes need stagnant water to lay their eggs. To combat mosquitoes around your property, pour out any water collected in toys, containers, and anywhere else you can find it. In addition to this, make sure your gutters are not backing up and are able to channel water away from your home’s exterior. Finally, replace the water in bird baths and ornate pools at least once every five days, or invest in ones that circulate the water for you.


There are many things you can do to yourself to reduce your risk of being bitten by mosquitoes. To start, try wearing light-colored clothing to make you less visible to hungry mosquitoes. Second, apply insect repellent to your body and clothing before going into mosquito-laden areas. Finally, avoid going outside during dusk and dawn, as this is when mosquitoes are most active.


The best deterrent for mosquitoes is high-quality mosquito control. At Green Flag Services, we can give your property the protection it needs to shoo away unwanted blood-sucking guests. Need an outdoor venue mosquito-free for an upcoming gathering such as a wedding or cookout? We offer one-time mosquito treatments guaranteed to work fast. Whatever you are looking for with regard to pest control, we have it. Give us a call today for more details or to schedule a service visit for your Orlando property.

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