Keeping Ants Away In Orlando: The Secret Is In The Food


Are ants a problem around your home in Orlando? There are nearly 1.6 million ants per person in the world. It’s only natural that a few, or a lot, could find their way inside. Your Orlando home is stocked with things that can entice ants to infest your property. Food is a primary objective for invading ants, so your pantry can be a hot target. 

However, you don’t have to stand for it anymore. An Orlando pest control company like ours can take care of your pest problem quickly if you want to learn more about ants and how to keep them from infesting your home keep reading!

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What Do Ants Eat?

You might think that ants only eat sugary foods, but that’s not always the case. Ants are not exactly picky eaters. Once they have identified something as a food source for the colony, they will begin taking it back. Here are a few of the different things ants will eat:

  • Other insect eggs and pests, such as moths, spiders, and worms.
  • Fungus or vegetation can come from houseplants.
  • Fruit, honey, and nectar; from bees and bird feeders.
  • Ants will also eat dead animals, such as raccoons, rats, and squirrels.
  • Almost any human food, especially syrup, jelly, and sugar drinks.

Knowing what they are after can be beneficial if you want to know how to get rid of ants effectively. Most people don’t even know that houseplants can attract ants! You can take the proper prevention steps to identify what is causing them.

How House Ants Find Food: Scouting And Gathering

Ants go through a process when they are trying to find food. A scout, which is just a worker ant, will leave alone searching for a food source around your property. As they travel, they are leaving a trail of pheromones so they can find their way back home. This trail also allows other ants in the colony to find the food source with ease.

These pheromone trails cause ants to march in a line when you find a string of them around your home. If you find them around your house, you should be careful what ant control solutions you utilize. Some chemicals can harm your family if they are not used correctly. It might be best to leave the problem for the pros.

What Happens If You Interrupt An Ant Trail

Did you know that interrupting an ant trail will not stop them from coming back! Ants follow these trails left by scouts using their scent. You have to eliminate the trail with soap and water to keep them from finding it again. We understand that you want to know how to get rid of ants in the house; however, killing them as you see them is not the best solution. 

You need to take preventative measures starting with outdoor ant control. These preventive measures can be simple such as keeping your lawn mowed low. You can even use a vinegar and water mix to spray areas near your doors. However, if the problem persists, you should look into professional ant control in Orlando.

The Key To Keeping Ants Out Of Your Orlando Home For Good

The best pest control for ants can be found with our team at Green Flag Services. Our professional team will go above and beyond for your pest control needs! We take pride in the work we do at Green Flag Services. 

So you can trust that we will never cut corners to get the job done. You can count on our friendly team and years of experience for every job. Give us at Green Flag Services a call to get the ball rolling today!

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