Bat Removal For Orlando & Tampa, FL

Don't Put Up With Pesky Tenants In Your Central Florida Home

If bats have taken up residence on your property, hire Green Flag Services, LLC to remove them. Our bat removal experts in Lake Nona Region, Baldwin Park, Lake Mary, Azalea Park, and Lake Hart, FL know how bats behave and can remove them efficiently and humanely.

Our Bat Removal Offerings

brown bat flying in air

When we visit your home or public facility, we'll:

  • Inspect it to locate the bats' hiding spots
  • Install funnels to allow them to leave and prevent their return
  • Find their entry points and seal them

We will also seal your building once we've evicted the bats.

Trust us to restore your property to a bat-free state. Call 888-441-1BUG (1284) now to schedule your bat eviction in Lake Nona Region, Baldwin Park, and Lake Mary, FL.


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