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Baldwin Park is a neighborhood located in Orlando and is a common tourist spot due to its proximity to both Disney World and Universal Studios. Unfortunately, Baldwin Park is also home to all kinds of pests, including ants, termites, rodents, occasional invaders, stinging insects, cockroaches, and spiders. If you want to keep pests away from your residential or commercial property, your best option is to trust the pest technicians here at Green Flag Services. We provide exceptional pest control services that will keep your property free of pests throughout the entire year. To learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services, reach out to Green Flag Services today.

Home Pest Control In Baldwin Park, FL

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When nuisance or dangerous pests manage to invade your Baldwin Park home, they can become a major problem for you and your family. Not only are pests capable of causing significant damage to the structure of your home, but they can also pose serious health risks.

The best way to keep your home and family protected from pests is to reach out to Green Flag Services for long-lasting home pest control solutions. All of our residential pest control services begin with a thorough inspection of your property to identify current pest threats and determine the right treatment methods for your home. After the inspection, we will formulate a detailed treatment plan based on the needs of your specific pest situation.

Don’t wait for invading pests to put your family in harm’s way. Instead, contact the professionals at Green Flag Services today for more information about how we deal with pest problems.

Commercial Pest Control In Baldwin Park, FL

At Green Flag Services, we are dedicated to protecting businesses from a wide variety of common pest invaders. Whether you’re looking to keep your restaurant, hotel, office building, daycare, or other business free of pest problems, our licensed pest professionals are ready to provide an effective, eco-friendly solution. Invading pests can damage your property, spread dangerous diseases, and destroy your reputation. But when you partner with the skilled pest technicians here at Green Flag Services, you can rest easy knowing that the protection of your business is in good hands. We’re ready to help you get rid of an existing pest infestation or implement prevention measures to ensure pests never have the opportunity to invade in the first place. Give us a call today to ask about all of our effective commercial pest control plans.

Problems Mosquitoes Cause In Baldwin Park, FL

Mosquitoes are small insect pests that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals. Both male and female mosquitoes drink nectar as their primary food source, however, female mosquitoes also feed on blood to nourish their eggs. Here in Baldwin Park, our weather is warm and rarely drops below 50 degrees, even in the winter! Unfortunately, this is why mosquitoes are active nearly year-round in our area.

If mosquitoes are living around your home or business, they can cause many problems, such as:

  • Ruining outdoor gatherings and events

  • Leaving itchy red welts scattered across your skin

  • Disturbing your guests

  • Spreading harmful diseases and viruses

  • Attracting other pests, such as spiders, to your property

Mosquitoes are known for being the most dangerous animals in the world. Each year, more than 700 million people are infected with a mosquito-borne disease, and out of those cases, about 1 million are fatal. A few of the diseases mosquitoes are responsible for spreading include malaria, West Nile virus, dengue, yellow fever, tularemia, chikungunya, and Zika virus. To reduce mosquito populations around your Baldwin Park property, turn to the pest professionals here at Green Flag services. We’re proud to provide effective mosquito control services that get the job done right.

Three Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Termites In Baldwin Park, FL

Most people are aware of the serious threat termites pose to wooden structures here in Baldwin County, which is why many homes and businesses in our area are now being made out of concrete and other non-wooden materials. Termites are small insects that live together in large colonies. Some termite colonies can contain more than 2 million termites! Although termites are tiny pests, they can cause significant structural damage to your property within a relatively short time. When it comes to preventing termites from causing problems in and around your Baldwin Park property, it’s helpful to learn more about their habits and behaviors.

1. Termites never sleep: Instead, they work all day every day to build tunnels, repair their nests, feed their young, and defend their colonies from potential threats.

2. Termite colonies are divided into three separate castes: workers, soldiers, and reproductives. Over 98% of all the termites within a colony are worker termites.

3. Many termite infestations involve multiple termite colonies: When a termite colony matures, it will send out reproductive termites (also known as swarmers) to start a new colony nearby. These secondary termite colonies are called “satellite colonies”.

Termite infestations are nearly impossible to remove without professional help. Give a call to the professionals here at Green Flag Services today to learn more about how we deal with termites.


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