Why Can't I Get These Fire Ants Out Of My Orlando Yard?

If you're having trouble getting rid of fire ants, there could be many reasons. Some are fairly straightforward. If you recently took a trip into space to spend a little time on the International Space Station, it will be difficult for you to get home and take care of a fire ant problem. But, for more than 7.594 billion people, this is probably not the reason. If you're reading this, and you're not one of the five people currently on the International Space Station, here are a few reasons you might be having trouble getting fire ants out of your Orlando yard.

fire ant on ground

Fire Ants Are Hard To Control

It isn't your imagination. Fire ants are difficult to exterminate. One reason for this difficulty is the extensive tunnels they create underground. A mound you're seeing on the surface could be the entrance to tunnels that go down several feet into the ground, maybe even ten feet or more. Not only do these deep tunnel networks make it difficult to kill fire ants, but tunnels can go down to the water table and allow the ants in a fire ant colony to get all the water they need to thrive. There is no need to search for water sources above ground.

Fire ants don't just dig deep tunnels; they create surface tunnels that are used for foraging. If you're seeing fire ant activity and you attempt to get rid of those ants, you may only be attacking a foraging tunnel, not the nest itself.

Fire Ants Are Sneaky

You can have fire ants in your yard busily making a colony without any visible mound. When you start to see fire ant mounds, you've probably had an infestation for several months. If you attempt to eliminate fire ants, they can go to other places in your yard and secretly grow another colony. It is only after the colony has grown in size that a mound will appear to let you know that you failed to get rid of them.

Fire Ants Reproduce Fast

It doesn't take long for a fire ant colony to grow its numbers into the thousands. In a few short months, you can have an infestation that is alarming. It is also important to understand that a mature nest will begin to produce winged ants. These male and female ants leave the nest, mate, and establish new nests. If several winged females come into your yard from a nest that is just outside of your property, they can do it again and again. If you've never had fire ant problems, you may be about to have issues every year.

You Might Be Treating The Symptom And Not The Problem

Killing ants that come to the surface will not address the colony of ants under the surface. You can kill fire ants all day every day and never win the battle. You need to do more than attack the symptom. You need to get at the heart of the problem.

You Might Be Trusting The Wrong Advice

If you go to the internet for fire ant control, you'll get a lot of advice. Most of it will be entirely unhelpful. Some treatment ideas are 100 percent ineffective. Some have the ability to be effective but fall short of the goal when applied improperly. Some suggestions on the internet are downright dangerous.

What Is The Solution For Fire Ants?

If you live in Orlando, and you have a fire ant problem, it is best to let the pest professionals here at Green Flag Services take care of them. We apply fire ant control methods that use foraging workers against their own colonies. Workers bring the control agent deep into the heart of their colonies and destroy them from within. This brings their reign of tyranny to an end in your yard. If they begin to show up again, we can assist you with developing an ongoing solution that is designed for your specific needs and budget.

You don't have to let fire ants take over and present a threat to you and your family. Contact Green Flag Services today and get rid of those ants. We provide industry-leading pest control in the Orlando area. We're here to help. 


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